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3 Reasons You Should Consider a Career as an X-Ray Technician

Nov 10, 2017 by

Medicine offers high pay, high demand, and the ability to make a major difference in the lives of patients. The next question for many is – which discipline should I enter? What should I study? Here are three reasons why you should consider a career as an X-ray technician. We’ll give the practical reasons why you should consider working as an X-ray tech, as well as address some of the concerns that you may have about earning this degree.

You Have Schedule Flexibility

X-ray technicians enjoy the same 24×7 demand as other medical professionals, but they have more flexibility as to when they work. For example, doctors are required to work night shifts and weekends as part of their hospital rotations because patients are as likely to need them then. X-ray technicians can choose to earn the equivalent to a 40-hour week by working Friday, Saturday and Sunday night or two long weekend shifts. Or, you could work for an urgent care center and work only in the afternoons and evenings, an ideal case when you co-parent your children.

You Can Increase Your Pay with a Little Extra Work

X-ray technicians typically work with X-ray machines. However, if you visit and find a training program for another imaging technology like MRI machines, sonography, mammography or cat scan technology, you’ll significantly increase your pay in relatively little time. Many X-ray technicians find their employers are willing to pay for their continuing education so that they can increase your skill set and stay committed to working there longer.

Some X-ray technicians are able to start working with only an associate’s degree in imaging technology; several schools offer bridge programs to earn a bachelor’s degree in only 18 months instead of two or three years. You’ll see a serious bump in pay for this additional education, while there’s a good chance your employer will pay for it.

Another variation of this is working on-call. If you are on-call, you can be at home with your family or run errands whilst being paid a modest amount for being on-call, so long as you show up when there is an emergency calling for your services. Or, you can earn a significant overtime wage if you’re willing to work out of your normal shift.

The Balance between Drama and Calm

Many people want to go into medicine but find they don’t want to deal with bodily fluids, the drama of the emergency room, or the emotional roller coaster of critical care. When you’re in the imaging center, patients have been reviewed by physicians. They may still be in pain or worried, but it is nowhere near as difficult as when panicked parents carry a screaming child into the ER. You are making a difference in their lives by providing answers but without the emotionally draining drama of the ward.


The job of an X-Ray is very diverse and offers many advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re interested in a career as an X-Ray technician, look into the options that are open to see and see if you have the drive and determination to become one.

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