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4 Considerations Before Choosing A University for Formation Continue

Dec 17, 2018 by

Participating in continuing education boosts your personal and professional growth. With adequate and high-quality education from adult education programs, you can either get a job or shift your career.

But to achieve such goals, you need to find the right university to cater to your needs. The process of choosing a good university is undeniably stressful, so it’s important to study your prospect university carefully.

In choosing the perfect school that will match your interest in continuing education, consider some of these factors:

1. Quality of Education

Academic quality is one of the most important aspects you need to look for in an institution when you intend to go back to school.

The quality must contribute to your personal or career growth. This is especially true for courses that involve a considerable amount of information, like entrepreneurship. Check for high-quality entrepreneurship courses.

Here are other reasons why quality education is an important factor when choosing a university:

  • Quality education will help enhance the skills that you can use in applying for high-paying job opportunities.
  • Some universities offer job or internship opportunities for students where they can practice their personal and professional education which is helpful in practically applying what you have learned, thereby, making you level-up your career growth.
  • If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have the luxury to attend to on-campus lectures, look for quality online education since a lot of adult education programs offer a variety of courses online.

2. Location and Environment

Geographic location and environment have an impact on your adult education. It will either motivate or discourage you from finishing the courses you have enrolled in. If you are choosing to have classes on-campus, choose a university that you like.

Here are other reasons why the location and environment of a university are both important when selecting an institution to enroll at:

  • Travel time is important, so it’s best to enroll in a school that is conveniently located near your home.
  • Continuing your education at a university nearby not only saves money but also your time and energy — especially when you are a busy person.
  • A peaceful and fun environment contributes to higher concentration when attending class, while noisy environments can distract you.

3. Cost of Education

Investing in something that would benefit you in the future is essential but should not cost an arm and a leg. Many educational institutions now require a substantial financial investment. Therefore, you must choose a continuing education program that is not beyond your means, something that won’t put you in debt for years.

Here are other considerations with regards to the cost of education when choosing a university:

  • Check for a scholarship or other financial assistance offered by the university. Apply for such opportunities to save money when enrolling.
  • Contrast and compare tuition fees of different prospect universities and choose the ones you can afford. Try to avoid financial restraints that can distract you from learning.
  • Participating in an adult education does not only involve tuition fees but also includes other expenses like travel and food expenses, so it is wise to enroll in a university you can afford.
  • Some community colleges not only offer affordability but also provide quality education since they have improved throughout the years.

4. Customer Service

Whether you like it or not, you will undergo a tedious process during admission so you might consider a university with a support system for adult learners. A supportive environment will most likely motivate you to enroll in that particular university. Moreover, developing a supportive relationship with the admission staff will help you learn more about the university.

Here are other reasons why you must consider good customer service when choosing a university:

  • As an adult learner, there are special needs, like the flexibility of time, that must be met, so it is essential that their service must be responsive to your queries.
  • A responsive staff must not only be responsive to queries but must also take action to address your professional requests or considerations.
  • Excellent customer service also shows how they value their students. Therefore, lousy service may mean that students needs are their least priority.


At the end of the day, your decision should be firm and proof-based about where to participate in continuing education. Your growth as a person or in your career is vital, so getting the right education will help you achieve it. Look at your continued education as an investment, and be sure that the university you invest in is worth your time and money.

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