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5 Tips for Safe Online and Offline College Dating

Apr 4, 2017 by

Whether you meet singles online or on-campus, it’s all about having fun and staying safe. Here’s 5 tips that’ll protect you without killing the mood.

College is a fantastic time to meet new people, form new relationships, and even find love. But not everyone is as smart or well-intentioned as us – which lead to those horror stories our moms lay out when we say we’re going out for the night. There’s no need to become a monk after study hours and definitely no reason to let fear take reins over your romance.

All you need are 5 tips on how to make college dating fun and exciting while still protecting yourself.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Drink and Your Drinking

You’ve heard all about date rape drugs, so of course keep your drink in your hand and in sight at all times, no matter how trustworthy the guy or chick seems, simply because it’s not worth the risk. However, even if there aren’t drugs involved, drinking on a date can be dangerous. It impairs your judgment, leaves room to be taken advantage of, and at the very least, you could get a little too tipsy and make an idiot of yourself. Not exactly a great first impression. Before you go out on the date, set yourself a limit and don’t cross it no matter how tempting it is – you’ll thank yourself in the morning, and on the second date you’ve earned by not throwing up on their shoes.

  • Give Your Friends an Itinerary

Probably the least romantic thing you can think of, right? But in the name of safety and peace of mind, it’s in your best interest. You don’t have to give the run-down to your mom or ruin the spontaneity of the night by tying yourself down to a curfew, but let someone know where you’re going, who you’ll be with, when you’ll be back, how long you’ll be gone for, and what you’re doing. If you want to stay out longer or plans change, all it takes is a simple text to update your confidant. If things turn south, you’ll want someone looking for you who knows where to look, when to look, and who to threaten if you don’t come back.

  • Stay in an Area You Know

At the very least, if worse comes to worse, you want to be able to walk home again in safety – without getting lost or finding yourself in a dark alley. Especially when you meet singles online, choose a locale you know for the date. You’ll feel comfortable in your surroundings, know what to expect, and know that you can get help if you need it. Why ruin the fun of a date by being somewhere you’re not sure of, when you could focus entirely on the dinner in a place you feel safe? As an added bonus, you’ll be guaranteed the food is good.

  • Have a Friend Check In

A tried and true tactic inside and outside of college, give a friend or family member a set time to call you during the date so they can “check in.” If everything’s going great, you can let them know or communicate through a code word so your date doesn’t feel awkward, and continue with your night. If the date is completely bombing, then it’s a perfect opportunity to have a fake “emergency,” allowing you to leave immediately. As an added bonus, your confidant will know to worry if you don’t answer.

  • Keep Your Phone With You and Charged

You shouldn’t be browsing Facebook while on a date, but having your phone on hand is an invaluable safety measure. Even if you never use it, being without it during an emergency isn’t a situation you want to be in. Whether it’s calling an Uber or calling for help (for yourself or your date, should an overly zealous dance move turn into a surprise injury), you don’t know what surprises the night will bring. With that in mind, make sure it’s fully charged and even bring a mobile recharger with you just in case.

Protecting yourself is the number one priority, but feeling comfortable and having fun are just as important during a date. Apply these tips, and you’ll be free of worry and ready to devote full attention to a fantastic night out.

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