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Advice for Secretary DeVos: Remember the Trump Base

Nov 9, 2017 by

Image result for Lance Izumi photos“Advice for Secretary DeVos:  Remember the Trump Base”

By Lance Izumi –

The continuing campus protests by the Left against U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos may grab the headlines, but another real political concern for her and the president lies with her relationship with the Right.

The importance of the base for President Donald Trump cannot be overstated. Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard-Harris poll, wrote last month in an opinion piece for The Hill, “No poll I’ve seen puts [Trump’s] support from Republicans at below 80 percent, and we at Harvard-Harris have it at 84 percent, which is remarkable, given his knock-down-drag-out fight with some mainstream Republicans.”

Indeed, despite the recent Democrat gubernatorial victories in Virginia and New Jersey, a Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Nov. 6th, the day before those elections, showed that Donald Trump would still beat Hillary Clinton if the 2016 election were held today because Trump, according to the Post, “has still got enough hold of his base to win reelection if there was a rematch today.”

Penn incisively says that it is the president’s positions on issues that undergird his strength with his base: “His style is not what won him the presidency. It was, remarkably, his substance.” The Trump base, therefore, evaluates the president and, by extension, his top subordinates, such as cabinet leaders like DeVos, based on their perceived adherence to the populist conservative agenda that Trump enunciated during the campaign and now in his presidency.


— Lance Izumi is a Koret senior fellow in education studies and senior director of the Center for Education at the Pacific Research Institute, a free-market think tank. He is the author of the book The Corrupt Classroom (Pacific Research Institute, 2017).

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