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App development challenges & how to overcome them!

Apr 17, 2019 by

It’s an impossible task to work through the development process of an application without facing multiple challenges during the development process. This is a problem we all face. Eventually, the question that needs to be answered is “What are the most common challenges faced during app development and how can you prepare your business to overcome those challenges?”

According to recent research by Getapp, it was quite clear that working again on an application after the delivery of the application was the most common challenge that a developer might face. Among all respondents, about 84% said that it was a frequent thing to occur, and almost 39% of businesses said that up to one-quarter of applications they made in 2017 needed rework.

The updates after development are mostly a planned and a crucial part of the overall development process, so it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, final changes and glitches during the development and changes in client expectations could be really frustrating.

How can we overcome this problem?

Rework on applications cannot always be avoided, but there are multiple steps businesses can choose to do to reduce the total amount of time that is spent in the process. Communication is the most important thing here. Make sure that you maintain constant & effective communication between the mobile app developers & businesses. The use of keeping everybody on the same page cannot be understated.

Also, giving clear expectations from the get-go can help in avoiding time-consuming issues further down the line.

Problems faced due to over time and over budget

As they say, that time is money, it is actually true when it comes to application development. Almost 74% of the people who have responded to the research have experienced a delay in getting an app development project. Speeding up the development process can actually lead to many costly errors which can also decrease the brand authenticity. All of this costs a lot for your business.

Steps to follow to overcome the problem of overtime and over budget?

If unrealistic promises are being made to the customers by your sales team, then you are already lagging behind from hitting the targets that could be beyond your capabilities. If you make sure that the project manager is there to control every aspect of the development process then it could definitely make a huge difference in helping you to stay within the budget and stay on schedule.

Most of the time the customers create unrealistic expectations and for that, you must have someone to set realistic standards for customers.

Backlog problems

As we already discussed, application developers have to think more than just creating and delivering applications. Maintenance of live applications take plenty of time and it also needs to be included in the team’s workload. It is not surprising that in Getapp research over 41% of businesses (according to the survey) have 6-20 applications in their backlog. 6% of them said that they have a backlog of over 20 applications

App development can be a really long and laborious process, especially for small businesses that are full of trial and error. About 32% of respondents said that it would take 3-5 months to create a business application, with 10% saying that it can take almost a year to develop an app.

How do we overcome the problem of backlog?

Backlog problems are a sign of an under-resourced development team. One challenge is to find enough people with the right skill set. The other challenge is that experienced and skilled app developers have a high attrition rate because working in a team without enough resources could be morale-breaking.

Application development is a very challenging thing to do, and it will never be a straightforward process. You should be prepared to react fast to setbacks and changes which would help you to meet your customers’ expectations and to perform more efficiently.

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