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Assemblyman Gottfried’s Damage Control Idea

Jul 16, 2018 by

Could a legislative twist make lemonade out of the judicial lemon of a Supreme Court decision?  In the Janus case, it recently ruled in favor of the plaintiffs who had asserted their right to be conscientious leeches. The Alito wing of SCOTUS determined that the Constitution is an inherently Right-to-Work document that confers the unalienable blessing to be a parasite on anyone who freely elects to be sustained and prosper at the expense of colleagues who volunteer to remain in good standing.
New York State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried hasn’t a solution but he has a promising idea that might mitigate the Supreme Court’s folly. He plans to introduce a bill that, if it went all the way, would include collective bargaining costs in public employee union contracts for which the former “agency-fee payers” would be responsible.
Haters of unions are livid. The Empire Center, for instance, which masquerades as a good-government watchdog and guardian of prudence, thinks Gottfried’s idea is “terrible.”  They had earlier waxed orgasmic in the projection that New York State’s public sector unions would lose $112 million if the Janus case went against them, as it did.
They luxuriated in the prospect of the unions’ agony and now they are whipped into agitated despondence by the clear indicators that the unions will survive just fine.
The Janus jackals wanted to retire the bromide that “you get what you pay for” and replace it with “you get what others pay for.”
Update failed.
Assemblyman Gottfried’s idea is appealing and logical. But merit alone will not necessarily make the difference whether it flies or drops like a lead balloon . Speaking for myself, I hope it soars to the heavens and gets codified on earth.
Ron Isaac
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