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Australian High School Students Suspended Over Antisemitic Bullying Campaign

Jul 4, 2018 by

A view of Sydney, Australia. Photo: Reuters/David Gray.

Two students at a high school in Sydney have been suspended for the antisemitic bullying of Jewish classmates.

The students from the Balmain campus of Sydney Secondary College, a state high school in the Australian city, were sanctioned after a bullying campaign that lasted for over a month. School authorities clamped down on the group last week after a teacher witnessed the Jewish student being mocked with Nazi salutes.

The parents of 18 year seven students – both the bullies and their victims – were contacted during the investigation sparked by the Jun. 25 incident.

Most of the harassment is understood to have been propagated by the two suspended ringleaders, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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A similar scandal emerged at a Sydney high school less than a year ago – on that occasion, an elite private establishment was involved.

Timothy Wright, headmaster of the exclusive Sydney Church of England Grammar School, apologized unreservedly after an “insensitive and offensive’’ picture surfaced showing his own deputy, Rod Morrison, standing with a group of students in front of a swastika-emblazoned Nazi flag.

The image was “clearly insensitive and offensive and in no way consistent with the values” of the school, Wright wrote, explaining that the photo had been snapped at the conclusion of a history course that included lessons on the Nazi era.

Source: Australian High School Students Suspended Over Antisemitic Bullying Campaign | Jewish & Israel News

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