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Best Tips for Studying in an Apartment

Nov 20, 2018 by

We know just how difficult it can be to sit down and have a focused study session, free of distractions. A variety off actors need to come together to create effective study time.

If you live in an modern apartment, and especially if you have roommates, you might be surrounded by distractions—other people, TVs, and various other electronics. To your detriment, you may not have a dedicated study space. Luckily, it’s easy to correct most of these study-blockers. The following tips will help you make the best of your situation and come out of your study sessions with a mind full of knowledge.

  1. Figure out Your Best Study Environment

Everyone is different here. One student may thrive in a quiet, secluded area, while another student may need music in the background and someone to talk to on occasion to break up the monotony. Once you figure out which environment you need, you can take steps to create it. You can set up a quiet desk in your bedroom, or post up in the living room for the option to socialize.

  • Shine the Light

Nothing dims your study session like a poorly-lit area. You’ll strain your eyes trying to see your textbook, and you’ll slowly but surely fall asleep. While natural sunlight is ideal, a good desk lamp with an LED light works almost as well.

  • Get into Your Comfort Zone

This is another area of personal preference. Sitting at a desk is great for some students, while others get cramped and uncomfortable. If you find that you like to study in an informal setting, find an oversized bean bag chair. If you like stability, use the traditional computer chair and desk—just make sure to adjust the chair height and back to ensure you’re comfortable and won’t start to slouch or doze off.

  • Clear Out the Mess

You know the old saying; cluttered home,cluttered mind. The same logic applies to studying. If you’re constantly thinking about how you need to clean your room or you’re looking at your phone every few seconds, you’ll never get any work done.

Set yourself a clear space so you can intently focus on the task at hand. Also, when you’re finished studying, clear off your workstation and get it ready for next time.  If you neglect this step, you’ll procrastinate when you need to study because you won’t feel like clearing off your area. 

  • Get a lot of Sleep

Pulling an all-nighter before the big test isn’t always the best way to do things, no matter how nice your new apartment home is. Our brains process information while we sleep, so studying before bed and then allowing your brain to deal with the information on a full night’s sleep will work wonders. 

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