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Book Review: The Wild World of Buck Bray: Danger at the Dinosaur Stomping Grounds

Nov 6, 2017 by

Author: Judy Young

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press

Year of Publication: 2017


Buck Bray has an interesting life and an interesting job and interesting people around him, and he always seems to find interesting things going on around him. He himself, is not a very interesting person but he seems to be on television, and finds all kinds of things going on around him. He is surrounded by interesting people (his dad, Toni and Shoop) who all travel around the U.S. in some kind of Green Beast which is apparently a motor home of some sort.

Now, in this second book in the series, he apparently is in some national park and scrambling up and down canyons and hiking and climbing and learning all kinds of new things. The book starts slow but picks up speed as Buck meets various people along the hiking trail.

This book is somewhat for older children who perhaps want to develop their vocabulary. Judy Young seems to challenge readers to keep up with her language regarding hiking and camping and has also provided a dictionary of sorts so that readers know what Buck is talking about when he says theropod or sauropod or cycads or cairn.

Judy Young is a great author but I am not sure her forays into Buck Brays adventures bring out the best in her writing skills, and this writer would like to see her return to some of her earlier types of work or genres. But if you are into hiking and camping and learning about the great outdoors and dinosaurs, this one is for you.

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