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Jul 13, 2014 by


From: Jane Robbins, American Principles Project

To:  Georgia and states across America

Subject:  Leftist, slanted version of American History ready to begin this fall in our nation’s schools – AP U. S. History

Date:  7.12.14


Leftist, slanted version of American History ready to begin this fall in our nation’s schools – AP U. S. History

The College Board, now led by Common Core “architect” David Coleman, is about to implement a revised Advanced Placement U.S. History course. This course presents a slanted, leftist view of American history that (among other things) doesn’t mention the Founding Fathers and barely mentions the Declaration of Independence. We’ve posted extensive information on this issue here:


This AP course — which will be taken by your best and brightest students — almost certainly conflicts radically with your state history standards. Thus do unaccountable outsiders increase their reach and control over your students’ education.


We need state boards of education to demand that the College Board retract and rewrite this new AP US History course. Time is short — the course goes into effect this fall.


We hope the Georgia website will give you ideas about how to educate and activate on this front. Feel free to cut and paste. If you don’t have time to get this before your state board, you might ask people to call congressmen (we have some national figures, such as Stanley Kurtz and Dick Morris, sounding the alarm about this, and Morris will have Rep. Virginia Fox on his radio program on Monday to discuss), to call the governor, to make it a campaign issue . . . . The College Board needs to hear from us. Especially is this true since the College Board is planning to revise all its AP courses — and we can surmise they’ll do to those courses what they’ve done to this one.


Here also is the most recent piece from Kurtz: This tells some of what is going on in Texas on this issue.


This is the latest, and potentially most dangerous, front in the education wars. If Coleman and Co. can usurp state standards through the AP courses, it won’t really matter whether the schools — even private schools — have Common Core. Please sound the alarm. Thank you!



Donna Garner




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6.24.14 — “David Coleman Attacks Students’ Love of America” — by Donna Garner —


6.22.14 – “Urgent: AP US History Framework Tied to Common Core – Illegal in Texas” – by Donna Garner —

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