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Cool Tech Ideas for the Classroom the Kids Will Actually Like

Sep 12, 2017 by

There’s a lot of talk about technology in the classroom, and it sounds great on the surface. Technology is shaping the world around us, so why not invite some of that technology into the classroom? Kids will be expected to use it out in the real world, after all.

Unfortunately, in practice, it doesn’t end up being very exciting.

Students may end up typing their paper on a computer or sharing a class iPad. That’s technically using technology in the classroom, but it’s not very thrilling for kids.

Instead, give one of these tech ideas a try. Not only will it enhance their learning experience, the kids will actually think they’re cool!


It’s common for classrooms to contain learning stations. In the younger grades, it might mean listening to a story on CD. In the older grades, it might be listening to a story and then summarizing it.

Now, think about the headphones they’re using. They’re probably pretty cheap and don’t offer quality sound. Invest in a pair of Focal headphones and your students will actually look forward to the audio station!

High-quality headphones can definitely enhance the learning experience, but they can be used as a reward too. Let the winner of a special drawing or the student who earned the highest mark on the math test use the headphones to listen to their favorite music for the afternoon.

Send the Kids on a Webquest

Kids spend a lot of time on the computer, and we’re not just talking about teens. Even kindergartners can benefit from time on the computer!

The question is, what do you have them do on the computer? Typing is an important skill, but there are plenty of other skills that the computer can foster.

Send the kids on a Webquest that requires them to use the internet to find information. Ask students to curate a list of 10 items for a new museum, or ask students to look up information about different rocks during a unit on geology. For a little extra fun, you can even have students come up with their own Webquests!

Create a Video Corner

Video is everywhere, but it’s one thing that hasn’t quite found its way into the classroom yet, minus the occasional video that’s shown during class. Why not allow students to create videos for class projects?

That means setting up a video corner that all the kids are sure to love. Your video corner could include:

  • Props, like backgrounds and seating, that will enhance the video
  • Tripods and other contraptions that can hold cell phones and tablets for recording
  • Playback equipment so they can share their video with the whole class

You may not even have to have video recording equipment. Many students already have a phone, and many classrooms already share a tablet with recording capabilities.

Technology should be cool and innovative. It shouldn’t put the kids to sleep. With these ideas, the kids will get excited to learn again, and you’ll be the coolest teacher around!

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