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Death to Unum

May 26, 2017 by

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Chuck Moss –

Okay, so Bill O’Reilly’s been canned from Fox, after a firestorm of protest. These angry folks besieged advertisers in the name of propriety, demanding O’Reilly be fired. Why? Accusations of sexual hanky-panky and unwanted attention to the ladies. This cannot be tolerated in a civilized society, and is a gross insult to all Womankind, thundered the protesters.  Fair enough. Then what about Bill Clinton?

WHAT!!! Said the protesters. THAT’S DIFFERENT!

Ahh—how so? If anything, Bill Clinton was worse. Why? Hello…duh…he was the President, for starters.. Most importantly he lied about it under oath—the crime of perjury. But that’s not what was different and exonerated him. What was? “Bill Clinton is our guy.”

Our guy. Feminists were silent. Not a single peep from the opponents of Patriarchy, from the colleges, civil libertarians, from the media. All closed ranks around Our Guy. Today, unfunny ‘comic’ Stephen Colbert unleashes a tirade of filth against President Trump. Were it against Obama, his job would be rightly gone, but today? No worries, because he’s on Our Side. Martha Stewart gives the finger to the President’s picture; what a clever gal! Black clad fascist thugs terrorize peaceful college audiences, and college Red Guards shut down debate. Outrage? Not really, because they’re fighting Hate. The definition of ‘Hate?’ Stuff we don’t agree with. The Other Side.

Following the election of President Trump, the Democratic Party declared itself the Resistance. Not the ‘Opposition.’ The Resistance. Now understand, the term ‘Resistance’ has a certain historical meaning. “The Resistance” meant the people who fought the Nazi occupation in World War II. It means people who are fighting an illegitimate occupation, not a freely elected government. It means they are fighting Nazis, a bunch that have no moral standing, and against whom all tactics are allowed. The WWII Resistance killed Nazis, and rightfully so. When your opponents are Nazis, most everything is permitted.

Those who call themselves the “Resistance” are making no bones about it: they do not recognize President Trump or the majority Republican Congress as a legitimate bunch of fellow Americans with whom they disagree. No, they declare their independence as a separate tribe, and have declared war on those not of their tribe. Much of the media has been there for years. The foul outburst of Stephen Colbert on CBS is not just excused, but applauded, because it’s done by Our Guy, Our Tribe, against the Enemy and all is permitted. For Us, everything, for Them, nothing: that is the whole of the law. Death to Unum. Call it the Pluribus-ization of America.

After a half century, the mass of Americans against whom these tribes seceded, and against whom the tribes declared war seem to be deciding that they, too are a tribe. The election of 2016 stunned a lot of people, because so many Americans voted for someone who spoke to their tribal interests. The only surprise is that it took so long. When “white” and “male” are routinely used as insults is it any wonder the targets began to fight back? After 50 years.

So with the Unum gone, then what? Well, examples from around the world are not encouraging. When the Unum is gone, the tribal rules. Our nation, our legal system, and our civilization is based on the individual, each of whom have individual rights. With that gone, we revert to a legal system where what matters is status: what tribe are you from? The wrong tribe has no rights that must be observed. Want to express yourself? Which tribe are you from? Wrong one? You will be punished and silenced. Want to freely assemble? Black clad storm troopers will violently stop you. Get out of line? Twitter mobs will cost you your job. Win an election? You will be Resisted by any means necessary.

The Resistance doesn’t seem to understand, or care, that they are engendering a resistance to them. Black clad Stormtroopers are starting to meet Alt-right street fighters. The pushback is already here. In other countries, where the tribal overcame the Unum, nations have been torn apart. Look at Lebanon, Yugoslavia, and the ghastly Rwanda.  The tribal genie is a bloody one, and once it’s out of the bottle, it rarely goes back.

So to those who are discarding the old and honorable role of Opposition, and future Majority, in favor of Resistance: understand what you’re destroying. You may find your tribe isn’t strong enough to rule by force forever. And when you’ve destroyed E Pluribus Unum, you may find it’s not just our society you’ve fundamentally transformed: you’ve also trashed the only thing that protected you.

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