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Dems unfairly target charters schools

May 18, 2018 by

Greg McNeilly –

Do you love your kid’s school? Believe in parental choice? I hope you are ready to fight for it.

Earlier this month, an elected Democrat legislative leader bragged to The Detroit News about Democrats’ intention to declare war on charter public schools.

Shri Thanedar, the frontrunner for the Democrats gubernatorial nomination, is boldly campaigning on a plan to ban — that is, to shutter — most Michigan charter public schools. Gretchen Whitmer, his weakened competition, is doing the same.

The message is clear, and the goal simple — Michigan Democrats plan to shutter charter public schools, and to force the children being educated in them back into the failing public schools they already escaped.

If Democrats win, half of Detroit’s families with school age children will have the door closed in their face and their children shoved into failing and unsafe Detroit Public Schools. When in charge, Michigan Democrats show Detroit who is really in control.

Never mind the fact that charter public schools dramatically outperform their traditional public school rivals, and at significantly less expense. Charter school students in Detroit, for instance, scored twice as high as Detroit public school students on the 2017 M-STEP test. Detroit charter schools have an 89.9 percent graduation rate — exceeding even the 79.7 percent statewide average.

Source: Column: Dems unfairly target charters schools

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