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Is Diagnostic Sonography a Good Career Choice for Me?

Nov 10, 2017 by

Becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer can be a great career choice if you wish to get into a medically based career but seek a different role than a nurse or a doctor. Diagnostic sonography, or ultrasound, is a very specialized role and contrary to popular belief, is not just used for pregnancy. As a sonographer, you actually have several different career choices depending on what you’re interested in.

What Does a Diagnostic Sonographer Do?

Of course, a sonographer can determine the sex of a baby, use an ultrasound to measure the fetus and determine a due date, check how many children a mother is expecting and many other important diagnostic screening tests for pregnant women. Although this is the most popular idea relating to sonography, a sonographer can work in diagnosing and producing images for those suffering with conditions of the heart, abdomen, breasts, blood vessels and many others. As a sonographer, you provide the important image that can be used to determine a condition, without having to make critical medical decisions.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming A Diagnostic Sonographer?

The biggest benefit of having a role such as a sonographer is the patient-professional interaction you gain from the job. You will likely follow a person through their pregnancy or condition, and you may be there for the happiest or hardest moments of their life. Of course, this may be a challenge, but helping to diagnose a life-threatening illness means that patient can then be treated and their life possibly saved- because of your ultrasound. As a sonographer, you will get paid at a competitive rate as your field is very specialized and the growth in the number of jobs continues to increase. This is a fast-paced job with ever increasing technology, always giving you a new challenge.

How Do I Become a Diagnostic Sonographer?

If this sounds like the career for you, you may want to study a degree in ultrasound technology. There are many sonography schools in NY, which offer excellent degree programs to suit all needs. Attending an accredit school puts you on a solid career path, and the New York metropolitan area trains and hires the most diagnostic sonographers out of any other metropolitan area within the United States. You can study anatomy and physiology to understand what diagnostic testing may be used for in different conditions and will learn how to understand and interpret diagnostic images, providing accurate and technical information to physicians. If you are already working in health-care, you may study a one-year program whereas school leavers should look at taking a math course before applying for a degree.

Becoming a diagnostic sonographer has many benefits, and as well as doing a well-accredited and well-paid job, you will also get great job ratification as you are helping people on a day-to-day basis in a very specialized and intimate way. The need for diagnostic sonographers is increasing, so if this sounds like the career for you, get studying!

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