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Oct 20, 2015 by

MALDEN — As the state prepares to decide whether to adopt a new standardized test known as PARCC or stick with the existing MCAS exams, Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Mitchell Chester on Monday put forward a third option — a hybrid of the two tests.

“I am considering this new model, this door number three, that takes advantage of our access to PARCC development … but uses that development for the construction of a MCAS 2.0, and gives us the running room to ensure that MCAS 2.0 is exactly the test that we want,” Chester told the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education at a special meeting focused on student assessment.

The board is scheduled to vote next month on whether to implement PARCC, a test aligned with the Common Core curriculum standards and developed by a consortium of states, including Massachusetts.

The consortium started with 26 states, but is now down to seven as states have dropped the PARCC exam. Louisiana, one of the original consortium states, has moved to instead develop its own exam based on the PARCC standards, a route Chester said Massachusetts could follow as well.

“Any path to MCAS 2.0 that involves PARCC must be a direction over which we have complete control,” Chester said, adding that the state must be able to customize any exam it gives to meet “our needs and desires.”

Source: Mass. ed. commissioner floats ‘door #3’ as compromise on standardized testing | The Recorder

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