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9.12.17 — From Donna Garner




We know everyone is busy; but this is something that all of us need to do immediately.


You may have already heard about the very serious Equifax hack that was revealed last week. This hack involved the credit reports of 143,000,000 people. This is a really terrible hack because so much of everyone’s personal information is gathered by Equifax or else by companies that use Equifax and need information on each of us (e.g., when we buy iPhones, open a checking/savings account, get a credit card from any store or to buy gasoline, buy a car, take out a college loan, rent an apartment, etc.).


Please read this short-but-important article:


To check to see whether you were involved in the Equifax hack, please go here:


In small print at the very top of the page, click “check here.”  At that point, you need to give only your last name and the last six digits of your Social Security number. Equifax will quickly tell you whether you are one of those involved in the hack.

After you do that, then you need to click on the “Enroll” button. Equifax will send you back immediately a future date on which you need to go through the Enrollment process.  On that date, you need to fill out the information needed to enter Equifax’s free identity theft protection and credit file monitoring services for a year.

My husband and I also are enrolled in Zander Identity Theft Solutions which costs less than $10 a month.  LifeLock is another good ID theft service.  


We are also going to shut down credit card accounts that we do not use; and we are putting fraud alerts on all three of the credit reporting companies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. 


This probably seems extreme; but according to all knowledgeable sources, the Equifax hack is very serious because of the many pieces of personal information that were stolen and can be used to steal our identities, set up fake credit accounts in our names, and ruin our credit ratings for many years to come.   




To check on annual credit reports (SHOULD DO EVERY 4 MONTHS):


To check with Equifax to see if our credit report was hacked:


To call Equifax:  866-447-7559

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