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Some Essentials for College

Aug 31, 2017 by

Things Your Child Needs for College You May Have Not Thought of Yet

Preparing your child for the next stage in their life when they are about to head off to college is a challenge for many parents, but it is a necessary step. There are a number of lists and needs for the average college student and every university and housing situation is different, but there are some things that are universal. Here are just a few items that your college age child may need, but not realize to make their life easier and safer while away.


This seems to be a no-brainer, but follow me on this. For the first time, your child is going to be out on their own and figuring out their way. Where the average parent will have an allowance for their child while at school or at least help them find a job to work to make that extra money, situations do happen that are uncontrollable and people have to learn how to manage money. The student will make stupid decisions and end up out of money and instead of sending them to school with a so-called emergency credit card or wiring them money, be smart about it. Hide it. A great place to hide money is in a non-descript place in the vehicle of the student or simply secure it somewhere hidden in their suitcase. Hide small increments of money in different places, write down where everything is hidden and when they call with money troubles, tell them where some of it is. Just do not reveal that money is hidden in multiple places because they will tear up their room or car to find it.

Something Comforting

Your child may be heading out for college and on a serious independent streak. They might even want to get rid of everything childish in their possession, but it is important to remember that homesickness happens to every college student at some point and a personal item from home can make a difference. It can be something as small as special stuffed toy they have had forever or even one of the personal graduation gift they received. Even if they protest, you might want to slip a personal item into a bag to comfort them when they begin to feel lonely.

Locked Box

Living with roommates does bring about certain challenges. You never really know who you will be placed with and children that have not yet learned the ways of the world can be a little too trusting, so send your student with a little extra security. A small lockable box of some form will allow them to have something they can secure while living with others. Explain to them to keep the box hidden away so as no one tries to tamper with it. They may not understand right away, but they will thank you for it the first time they hear of stealing from inside the dorm rooms or apartments.

College is a fun experience, but does garner some precautions. The student might be under the impression that they no longer need their parents, but these three items can give you and them peace of mind. It is not likely you will find any of these things listed on a college prep site, but they should be listed on all of them.

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