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Eviction of Charter School from Catholic HS Campus

May 19, 2017 by

Congratulations to the Brooklyn Diocese for evicting Middle Village Preparatory Charter School from the campus of Christ the King HS.  It did so because the high school had violated an agreement to house only a Catholic school on its premises, which the charter school is not. That may be a technicality, but it’s an explicit and binding one and will suffice.

Too bad the public schools are restrained from chasing these predatory private charters from taxpayer property where they don’t belong.Just the opposite is happening. Public schools, meaning deserving children children, are being muscled out because of the legal misappropriation of public money to private operators.

It’s like the execution of innocent prisoners and charging their families for the bullets.

Charter schools are private. They should be privately funded and find their own spaces to buy or rent. Public schools are institutions of learning that belong to the taxpayers who pay for them.

Both public and private schools, including charters, should be required to equally meet standards of accountability established by the state Department of Education.

Ron Isaac

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