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In Florida delinquency programs, small fights escalate to beatings

Oct 12, 2017 by

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Workers who supervise delinquent youths in Florida’s juvenile justice system sometimes escalate minor fights into bloody, bone-breaking clashes.

First he lost his freedom. Then his privileges. Then his kidney.

It started with a tantrum at a youth program on Straight Line Road over what the Tampa boy considered unfair punishment for a fight he didn’t start. A program supervisor hurled the teen to the dayroom floor, crashing him into a metal table along the way. It ended with the boy tethered to a ventilator.

A youth is tossed violently into a metal table at an Okaloosa County residential program. He sustained an injury that required removal of a kidney. As he writhed, a staffer asked if he was now calm.

Are you calm now? the supervisor asked as the boy writhed in pain on the floor.

The Department of Juvenile Justice declared the worker’s takedown at Okaloosa Youth Academy a case of excessive force. The boy called it a deliberate act of violence that consigned him to a life without a right kidney. “By the look on his face,” said a youth who witnessed the takedown, the worker “appeared to be angry.”

Source: In Florida delinquency programs, small fights escalate to beatings | Miami Herald

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