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For better Tracking, USPS Expands its Surface Visibility (SV) Program

Apr 17, 2019 by

Surface Visibility (SV) is a program designed by USPS that describes the integration of multiple systems used to track mail. Initially, it was designed for the improvement of postal transportation, but later it was expanded by making the entire mail value chain more transparent for its large community.

Now USPS has expanded it further to more 114 sites that brings the total number to 437. U.S Postal Service is expanding its SV program for the better use of technology. It is also promoting its SV program and application that improves scanning, and thus business customers get the better experience by knowing the actual location of their packages and mail.

For tracking purposes, USPS itself helps its customers by letting them know the current status and whereabouts of their packages and mail. For this, there is a service called “USPS Tracking” that gives the entire mailing community the latest updates about their mail items. Tracking Number helps the customers to know the location of the mail item. This number is assigned to mail items when they come for shipping.

Also, USPS expanded Surface Visibility scanning capability to 65 peak annexes & 5 sites. It developed a site SVWeb that dedicates to Surface Visibility (SV) program. It provides updates of transportation in real time. Thus the data is collected to improve schedules of transportation. The collected data is used to capture on time, late, cancelled trips.

Some time back, USPS deployed 5K mobile cellular scanners. It deployed the scanners to postal vehicle service drivers. Geo-fencing & GPS are used in scanners that help to track any mail item and its movement. Currently, postal drivers are using IMDs & MDDs, but with time, new scanners are replacing old devices. The postal service is running towards the modern era where technology is very simple to use, and all process of mail items is transparent.

If we look towards the technology and USPS, both seem to be parallel. It is trying to provide its mailing community the best experience with it. As like the others, USPS also has a mobile application that is known as USPS Mobile. It’s beneficial for all the community members. With it, customers can do so many different things and tasks on the go. Services like Hold Mail, Change of Address, Buy Stamps, Find Locations, etc. are there. Most of the customers try to find does USPS deliver on Saturday or does USPS deliver on Sunday, so they can find this too in the App. As there is information about USPS Hours in it.

SV Mobile devices are also a part of this program. These are handheld devices with a larger screen, better and improved software. SV Mobile devices are lighter as compared to previous devices. It will help USPS to achieve its goal to provide better experience & better use of technology. It’s going to expand its package delivery service. USPS Employees also praised the new devices as they are lightweight & effective. It is also making the job of postal workers easier.

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