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Georgetown opens door to divesting from Israel, fossil fuels

Jun 19, 2017 by

Georgetown University recently passed a policy in favor of divesting from companies involved in “abortion services,” though the new provision could open the door to divestment from fossil fuels and Israel, as well.

According to a university press release, the Washington, D.C. school’s Board of Directors voted to uphold a “Socially Responsible Investing” (SRI) policy in order to ensure that its endowment would not “be used as a tool to promote a political agenda.”

“We are deeply disappointed that they seem to equate abortion with environmental harm and weapons manufacturing.”   

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“This SRI Policy is an important step forward for Georgetown,” Paul Tagliabue, the board’s vice chair and leader of its working group on socially responsible investments, remarked in the press release. “Recognizing that the university’s endowment is not to be used for advocating political interests, we are committed to both meeting our fiduciary responsibilities and generating resources to advance the university’s academic mission in a manner consistent with our identity as a Catholic and Jesuit institution.”

Specifically, the new policy will require the university to “avoid investments in companies that are substantially involved in the provision of abortion services,” but its broad wording could also result in divestment from companies involved in the extraction of fossil fuels, or even those that do business with Israel.

Source: Georgetown opens door to divesting from Israel, fossil fuels

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