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Gutless Texas School Leaders Want More Money But Refuse To Prioritize Student Privacy

Aug 12, 2017 by

“Gutless Texas School Leaders Want More Money But Refuse To Prioritize Student Privacy”  

By Donna Garner



Yesterday, 1,500 Texas school superintendents and trustees agreed to put pressure on the Texas Legislature to send billions of dollars more to their school districts. However, where have these same school leaders been when it came to taking a strong position against school children being forced to bathe, dress, and go to the bathroom with students of the opposite sex?  


If the Texas Legislature does not pass Student Privacy Laws in the next five days, every one of those school superintendents and trustees will have this issue dumped right smack on their doorsteps. Then how much courage will they demonstrate to protect students’ privacy rights?  Will they have the courage to state publicly at the local level that:


*there are only two sexes (male and female) as determined by a person’s chromosomes at birth;  


*the scientific and medical truth is that a person’s sex – male or female – is decided by the chromosome makeup and not by the person himself/herself;


*there are over 6,500 genes that are expressed differently in men and women. 



How many school administrators and trustees will have the conviction to inform the public about the facts as stated by 17-year Board certified pediatrician, Dr. Michelle Cretella, who wrote the following in her 7.5.17 research article ( entitled “I’m a Pediatrician.  How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse” —  


…the idea that ‘feminized’ or ‘masculinized’ brains can be trapped in the wrong body from before birth—is a myth that has no basis in science.


…75 to 95 percent of pre-pubertal children who were distressed by their biological sex eventually outgrew that distress. The vast majority came to accept their biological sex by late adolescence after passing naturally through puberty.


Puberty blockers for gender dysphoria have not been proven safe.


brain abnormalities in the area of memory and executive functioning among adult women who received blockers for gynecologic reasons


…many studies of men treated for prostate cancer with blockers also suggest the possibility of significant cognitive decline


…taking puberty blockers at age 12 or younger, followed by cross-sex hormones, sterilizes a child


…the risks of cross-sex hormones include, but are not limited to, cardiac disease, high blood pressure, blood clots, strokes, diabetes, and cancers.


Over 90 percent of people who commit suicide have a diagnosed mental disorder, and there is no evidence that gender-dysphoric children who commit suicide are any different.


…Today’s institutions that promote transition affirmation are pushing children to impersonate the opposite sex, sending many of them down the path of puberty blockers, sterilization, the removal of healthy body parts, and untold psychological damage. These harms constitute nothing less than institutionalized child abuse.




These same school superintendents and trustees will regret the day when they chose not to get involved to stop the nefarious transgender bathroom agenda at the state level.  If the Texas Legislature decides to “kick the can” back to the locals, the issue will play out in every school district in Texas where the harsh realities, the loss of students’ individual privacy, and the lawsuits will be sure to follow.  




8.11.17 — “5 Days Left to Shield Little Children from Undressing in Front of Children of the Opposite Sex”

By Donna Garner – EdViews.org

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