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Your Halloween Game Plan

Sep 16, 2017 by

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year to party – but it’s only as good as you make it. Here’s your plan to doing the night right, from getting the perfect costume to making the perfect plan.

Get your costume early

We all do it every year: we wait until the last minute to choose a custom, and we run out of time. So do it ahead of time and order your costume online (, so that you have the biggest possible selection.

What’s that? You want to wait so that you can make your costume super topical? Don’t do it – that viral joke that breaks three weeks before Halloween is all anyone is going to dress up as. Stand out from the crowd by doing something else.

Speaking of standing out from the crowd, here’s your plan for carving out your own territory. Take your first two ideas – especially if they’re pop-culture related – and just scrap them. If you’re dressing up as a dead celebrity or a viral sensation, you’d better not pick one of the top two or three, or you’ll arrive at the party to find a sea of your own clones!

Parties or bars?

Halloween is made for costume parties, so take our advice: head to a friend’s place. The club is fun, too, but when you’re walking around in a costume, the comfort of someone’s actual house might serve you better.

While we’re on the subject, here’s another thing to consider about your costume: is it party-ready? Bulky costumes get old fast when you’re trying not to knock over the appetizers table. And face painting and full-face masks are fun, but won’t always leave you looking your best.

So consider a sleeker costume that doesn’t mess too much with your face, and look for costumes that can be stripped down a bit – by the end of the party, it’s better to be the Dracula who can remove his suit jacket than the Wookie who is stuck covered in a fursuit all night.

Get home safe

Above all, keep your Halloween safe. Pocket the number for a car service or a taxi company and call them when it’s time to go. Halloween should be scary-fun, not scary dangerous!

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