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Have you thought about renting a treadmill to lose weight and gain fitness?

Nov 8, 2018 by

According to the latest NHS recommended guidelines, each one of us should get about 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. Aerobic exercises are the best for our health. It facilitates the burning of excess fat in the presence of oxygen. Aerobic exercise includes brisk walking, jogging, freehand exercises and yoga. The presence of so many aerobics options means you don’t have to worry about boredom during burning last night’s extra slice of pie.

Why do we love working out at home?

A survey on people who workout at least four times per week, shows that most of them do not like to head to the gym or the tracks on national holidays, on the evenings after a long day at work, on days they feel excessively lazy or on gloomy and rainy days. While there is no reason to skip the gym on rainy days, it makes complete sense if people want to skip running on slippery tracks or roads during the rainy season. While brisk walking or running can be great for your metabolism, some of us find it difficult to step out the front door for 20 minutes. It is especially true for those trying to lose weight. The excess fat around our belly, waist and on our thighs make us too self-conscious to work out in public.

That is the reason why most of us prefer working out at home. Some types of workouts demand yoga mats, Swedish balls and rollers, while others require treadmills of a specific kind. The difference between brisk walking or jogging and other home-based forms of work outs is the intensity. Although running or jogging on a treadmill is quite intense and it helps in the breakdown of fat, it is not anaerobic by nature. As a result, it prevents the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles and helps in building lean muscle mass. Aerobic exercise is excellent for those wishing to lose weight fast, but not lose muscle mass at all. It is the healthy way of staying lean and fit.

They are simple and effective

Another reason people love treadmills is because they are super easy to use. The surface is flat, and it is easy to control gait on the machine. If you have had ankle injuries beforehand or you are scared of tripping in the uneven terrains surrounding your home, a treadmill should be a smart solution for your problems. People often face trouble walking uphill or running on hilly areas. Getting a treadmill at home for daily use makes perfect sense for everyone in this scenario. When you get a treadmill at home, you won’t have to worry about the weather or the passersby. You don’t have to watch out for curbs, sidewalks or trails. You can plug in your favourite music and hop up on the treadmill anytime you get 20 minutes at home.

Personal treadmills need not cost a fortune

Some of the most ergonomic and high-tech treadmills cost a fortune. As a result, people think twice before getting one for their home. Moreover, people tend to buy exercising equipment and then forget all about it in a couple of weeks. The treadmills become hangers for our office wear and collect dust in one corner of the room. To prevent such a misplaced investment, the smart health and fitness enthusiasts now rent treadmills on a weekly or monthly basis. Check out to know more about treadmill rentals. It is just like renting a car, except hiring a treadmill will help you save money, and lose weight at the same time. Have you always wanted to own one of those fancy treadmills with the LED displays and work desk? Now, you can have that by spending a couple of pounds per week. Having a treadmill at home can cost you less than a meat lover’s pizza at the Pizza Union.

Personal treadmills always track progress

One of the benefits of having an advanced tech treadmill at home is the option of monitoring your progress. Investing in the monthly rental of a treadmill till you reach your target weight can help you track your heart rate, calories burnt and distance covered as you go through your weight loss journey. Today, we see hundreds of people on blog forums and social media sites documenting their weight loss story to inspire a thousand others. It will be beneficial if you could supplement the pictures and progress with pure statistics that document the increasing fitness, stamina and strength, alongside the weight loss journey. Treadmills with digital monitors will also help you stay on course even when some days feel too disappointing or too trying.

Why should you rent a treadmill for your family?

Renting a treadmill is going to be one of the greatest decisions of your life if gaining physical fitness is your new family goal. Some programmable treadmills with digital screens will allow you to create multiple users and save the stats from every user. You can compare, compete and set new short-term goals for your significant other, roommate or anyone else who shares the treadmill with you. If you are working towards a total weight loss cum fitness journey, getting a programmable treadmill with a digital screen will always help. The preset programs are the best for beginners, who do not have an understanding of how long or how far they should run each time. Some of these treadmills come with various incline options that can make your workout more challenging than your regular brisk walking days on flat terrain. 

Did you know? Running for just 20 minutes can burn up to 300 calories if you can manage a constant speed of 8 miles per hour. Maintaining a constant speed, while running outdoors, is close to impossible due to traffic, undulations of the road and weather conditions. Some narrow sidewalks, high curbs or slippery roads may cause you to slow down and lose pace. That never happens with treadmills. Combining each session of workout with a healthy and protein rich diet will help you reach your weight goal or target muscle mass in no time.

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