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Headteachers chief rallies against government’s ‘crazy schemes’

May 2, 2015 by

Russell Hobby to address NAHT conference by encouraging heads to stand up to ministers who stifle innovation and decrying Ofsted’s ‘pernicious’ grading system

Britain’s headteachers are being urged to stop struggling to make the government’s “crazy” initiatives work and instead tell ministers to rethink the schemes they disagree with.

Russell Hobby, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), will send out a rallying call to the country’s school leaders at a conference this weekend, urging them to stand up against bad ideas.

“It is possible to make a good idea fail and, frankly, it is possible to make bad ideas succeed,” he will tell delegates to the NAHT’s annual conference, in Liverpool on Sunday.

“You’ve proven that time and again in rescuing the government from its own mistakes. Perhaps you should stop doing that. It only encourages the crazy schemes when you find a way to make them work.”

Hobby will also use his speech to warn that innovative headteachers in the state school system are being “tamed” by an all-powerful inspection regime which is compromising creativity and creating a compliant profession.

Speaking at a conference briefing on Friday, Hobby, whose union represents 29,500 school leaders across all phases of education, said: “We should be a lot stronger in saying, ‘look you’ve not given us enough time. This is not well thought through’, and asking the government to go back to the drawing board.”

Source: Headteachers chief rallies against government’s ‘crazy schemes’ | Education | The Guardian

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