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How Developers Can Nail The Five Main Non-Technical Interview Questions

Jan 14, 2019 by

Software development is one of the most popular fields which is expanding rapidly. With the constant evolution, the demand for skilled developers has also grown by leaps and bound. There’s no doubt that the market is blessed with many developers who are technically sound so companies can hire developers and build great software projects.

One area in which these professionals find themselves trapped is when interviewer ask them back to back non-technical questions. And, really it’s not easy to deal with it. It’s because programmers prepare well for facing the technical queries related to their field.

But they generally ignore to focus on the non-technical part. Let’s look at how you can answer five major non-technical common interview questions in the interview and take one more step towards grabbing your dream job.

1. What Made You Enter The Realm Of Software Development?

In spite of simply telling about the classes and sessions you participated, it’s better to state the exact phase where you find yourself stuck and marched on to the path of finding a solution for the same. Tell the interviewer about what triggered your mind and kept you motivated to choose the field.

You can also tell the real reason why you are still interested in the software development field and how you are planning to take your career ahead. It’s good to be sophisticated but even better to show your passion and excitement towards grabbing that position.

2. What’s That You’ve Learned Recently & Why?

This is the arena where an interviewer is extremely interested in. They would like to explore the things that catch your attention outside the work profile. Also, they want to know how passionate you are to cope up with the modern world and enhancing your skills.

It’s not mandatory that you’ve learned something related to the technical field of late. But there would be the latest piece of an article, event, personality, or concept that grabbed your attention and you managed to dig deep enough to know more about the same.

For example, you can say that you’ve recently watched a documentary John F. Kennedy who is a renowned American political figure and a former president of the US. It’s possible that the interviewer might not like it.

But you can try to tell something more about the eminent personality such as his values, efforts, mission, etc. then there is a chance to win the heart of the person sitting on the other side of the table. It can be a way of the interviewer knowing whether you are a cultural fit for their organization by exploring the interests you have other than your work.

3. Which Is The Most Challenging Project That You’ve Undertaken & What You’ve Learnt Out Of It?

This can be a way to gauge which type of work you enjoy and love to perform. It’s not mandatory to tell about your favourite project. Rather try to express your thoughts on something which was really difficult but you finished it successfully because you enjoyed throughout.

For instance, you might quote a gaming project as the most daunting one in your entire career. But you loved to work on it as you get an opportunity to get hold of something unique such as 2D side-scrolling development.

When you’re applying for a job, this is helpful for the interviewer in understanding what’s there under the umbrella of your job profile you are really interested in. Also, it will tell him how you tackle challenges at the workplace and overcome them to move ahead with a head held high.

4. How Can You Improvise On The Code That You Produced Way Back?

This will tell the interviewer whether you are a professional who believes in taking efforts for improving himself. Here, you can explain how you made products better by applying the knowledge and skills that you have earned all through your career.

You can give examples of any project that you’ve accomplished on the Github. Or, tell him how you have added new features to the games that you have published to app stores. No need to get afraid, just answer with confidence.

5. What You Personally Think About A Certain Product Or Solution?

This question pops up when the interviewer wants to get an idea of the genuine knowledge you have. Generally, he will ask this question in regard to a tool or technology you have worked with in the past by evaluating the ones mentioned in your CV.

The motive here is to figure out the level to which you are well-versed with the particular technology or tool. This is why you have to pause for a minute or two and relax. Then think cautiously and explain the concept in detail. You should be sure about the fundamentals of the technology even if you haven’t exploited it completely.

This will also let interviewer understand how well you can integrate with the team in their organization and apply your previous experience of using similar tools or technologies in order to provide them with the desired outcome and build products in accordance with their specific requirements.

These five non-technical questions you need to nail by answering the way it’s described above. You can also add your own thoughts and add things that you’ve learnt from your past experience. It will ultimately help you in portraying yourself as an efficient professional who is not only technically sound but also skilled in analyzing, imagining, and learning constantly with a passionate mindset.

Author Bio:

Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea, a custom software development company helping entrepreneurs and businesses build successful web and mobile apps. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.

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