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How Did Education Evolve During Last Few Years?

Apr 17, 2018 by

Today we have reached the informational age which grants us with the rich flow of information. This era teaches us how to deal with big data instead of memorizing it.

Why is Higher Education More Valuable Now Than At The Time of Our

Comparing education of our grandparents with modern techniques of study, it has many different aspects. The most influential one is the growth of information scope. Today we are concentrated on how to deal with the growth at an exponential rate database of the world knowledge. It causes not solely appearance of new technologies and equipment, but also influence the learning and thinking methods.

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Equipment and technology development

There is no need to remind how far the technology goes not only in higher education but in any other branch of modern life. The Internet was reachable only in computer class with dial-up technology, which was expensive and time-consuming. Today every average student has an internet connection in his pocket. It means that every student has access to the open data including educational sources like university library. Why do we still need to learn anything if almost everything is googlable’? The essential distinction between our grandparents and us is the access to modern technologies and equipment, for example, you can pay to get a research paper written in a few minutes. All those innovations change the educational system significantly.

Nonstop education

Fifty or sixty years ago, learning was a synonym of memorizing. It was considered that once you have mastered the profession, you can work as a professional during the whole life. Today the speed of development doesn’t allow to stay on the same level more than one or two years. In other words, we are learning all the time. The research and development require us to be up-to-date with everything that concern professional grows. Almost every profession involves a computer, where we are using software, which updates constantly. We have to update our knowledge as well. Modern education is the art of learning.

Learning how to learn

Once we agreed that education is not memorizing, we have to think about the tool we all have in our heads. Human brain. Only about 20% of brain functionality was studied by now, and yet This tool can proceed powerful mental procedures which help us not only be up-to-date but also analyze and apply knowledge efficiently. Modern education mostly teaches us how to learn. Once we acknowledge how to use this powerful tool, we are becoming professionals or gurus.

Evolution of professions

In comparison to our grandparents, we have ten times more professions than sixty years ago. Moreover, most of the old occupations have disappeared. Such occupations as rat catcher or airplane listener are much older than our grandparents, but according to Forbes, some modern professions such as librarian, post office career and other are already dying. Today the number of job positions is growing every day. Companies are creating new positions, which satisfy the specific needs without making an occupation. Today we have data scientists, tracking analysts, social media marketers, leadership coaches and other specialists.

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What do universities offer today?

The universities and colleges of new generation don’t offer any study programs which prepare social media specialists, data tracking analysts and other. There are departments of sociology, medicine, engineering, mathematics, and other which after graduation opens doors to the great variety of further qualification and self-education. Modern education gives direction. It teaches to research, thing and be creative. If we look through the job offers at,, or and compare them with profiles at colleges and universities, we will find only a few matches. Education doesn’t limit occupational opportunities and offers attractive perspectives in any field. The primary skill is knowing how to learn.

The privilege of analysis

Today we have a great privilege of comparing information instead of believing everything the teacher says like it was 50 years ago. If you doubt or don’t understand anything from what is taught in the lecture, you can research the question and compare to what the lector has brought. It can cause discussion. Discussion develops analytical and argumentative thinking which brings the generation of thinking people. A student doesnt believe everything they hear. They can make notes, listen to the main idea and create personal opinion, which will be strongly defensible. This is another essential distinguish in study processes.

Thinking instead of following clichés

Analytic and argumentative essays are obligatory types of works in any study program. They are the instruments which start the thinking and analytical processes in the brain. Once they are started, it is almost impossible to stop the process. Any information will be analyzed, and conclusions will be made. This method was used before but never was it such widely spread. They help students not follow the system blindly but be able to develop and defend personal opinion which can be compared and evaluated.

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Searching and proceeding instead of memorizing

It is false that good time for memorizing method is in the past. It is true that information is easy to access, but it doesn’t mean that a dentist will google the treatment methods. The essential information is always stored in permanent memory. On the other hand, specialists must proceed constant updates and refresh old knowledge. The efficient source for upgrading is conferences, provisional events, study courses, qualification studies, and other. Today top specialists in all directions must approve their qualification within a certain period. This system was not very popular in the past.

Bottom line

Modern education opens plenty of doors to the further professional development. The qualification does not limit the job opportunities because it teaches students to learn, research, analyze and think instead of memorizing. The era of big data creates new job offers every day. The demand for specialists is growing, and recruiters evaluate the personality traits and skills more likely than qualification and knowledge and own experience. It is important what you have reached instead of what you know.

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