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Janet Boynes’ New Book: God and Sexuality: Truth & Relevance Without Compromise

Mar 19, 2017 by

“Janet Boynes’ New Book: God and Sexuality: Truth & Relevance Without Compromise”

Review by Donna Garner



Janet Boynes’ new book is “God and Sexuality: Truth & Relevance Without Compromise.” Janet is a born-again lesbian (free for 17 years).  The LGBT issues (pushed by Obama and his administration) are spreading across our culture; and as Christians, we must seek to know how to deal with our loved ones and friends who fall into this lifestyle.


Janet’s book offers Godly wisdom, and she lovingly explains with practical ideas and much scripture how we as the Body of Christ must exhibit “compassion without compromise.”


Janet’s own compassion and love for others shines through on every single page. She lays out the scriptural foundation for marriage between one natural born woman and one natural born man, and she explains carefully how God’s plan for the home is meant to bring joy and blessings.


A chapter that I particularly treasure is Chapter 9 because Janet compassionately suggests what parents/family members/friends should do when they are invited to a same-sex wedding or when an “outed” family member wants to bring his/her partner into the home. The basic thesis of this chapter is that we must be loving toward those in the LGBT lifestyle (lifting them constantly in prayer), but we must not celebrate a civil union which is against God’s plan and is a violation of scripture.    


One of my favorite parts of Janet’s book is Chapter 12 in which she suggests powerful prayer requests that all of us can lay before the Lord to help our children make the right choices. Here is one of those:


“Pray that your child embraces a fear of the Lord and a reverence for God.  Rebellion becomes a way of life when our children lose their fear of the Lord.”  


I also treasure Chapters 13 and 14 in which Janet shares Walt Heyer’s life story in which he found out through transition surgeries that “the surgical change was incapable of biologically changing a man into a woman…” After years of psychotherapy, Walt came to understand the twisted concepts that had taken over his life; and he received healing for his past. He transitioned back in 1994 and is a happily married man of 18 years.


Janet includes a chapter where she shares true stories from parents who have experienced loved ones who decided to join the LGBT lifestyle, and Chapter 21 contains testimonies of redemption.


The book ends with a chapter of valuable resources with contact information from which the public can draw much strength and guidance.   


To learn more and/or to support Janet Boynes’ ministries, please go to:


Janet’s book in paperback costs $13.32 to $9.19 (used).  If you wish to order her book, please go to:


*This review is unsolicited, and it is my pleasure to share Janet’s book which tells the entire world that people can be set free from the LGBT way of life through the redemption of Jesus Christ.

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1 Comment

  1. Kathy Baldock

    Hello Donna, I just left this comment on your Amazon review and thought to leave it here as well.

    I have been in this arena solidly since 2001, that is a long time for a straight evangelical Christian. I have seen fix-the-gays ministries rise and fall. I know many of the leaders (one is my regular hiking partner and one of my two closest friends), and clearly I read and follow lots of information.

    My GREATEST contention with JB’s book is undefined language and assumptions around “lifestyle.”

    Let’s imagine two scenarios.

    When Janet writes and speaks “leaving the lifestyle,” Even you, in your review refer to 17 years “free.” What does that mean to you? What is Janet saying? I believe the majority hears “no longer a lesbian.” At least that is evidenced by the responses, positive reviews, media interactions, the expectation of churches who host her, parents of gay kids. (Remember, I have been following her ministry since 2013.)

    I wonder what YOU hear is her story. Is she a person who WAS a lesbian (for whatever reason or cause) and is no longer a lesbian, or same-sex attracted? Or, is she still same-sex attracted and no longer engaging in same-sex sex?

    If Janet were to respond honestly to that question, and her response were — I am still same-sex attracted and not engaging in same-sex sex — would that impact your support of her ministry?

    Exodus collapsed because Chambers admitted that in the years of leading the ministry, he saw change only one time, and that was in a woman. The odd twist is that the ONE TIME is my friend who is bisexual.

    So, does it matter to you if JB is still same sex attracted or no longer a lesbian? Words matter. Nuances matter. Expectations are built on imagined word meanings.

    I contend that JB is still a lesbian, playing a word game and has built a ministry of selling expectations on false assumptions. Of course, I could be wrong. When people are clear in their language, this is a side effect — questioning what they MEAN.

    I don’t know if you are a parent. If one of my children were gay, would I cling to what I was taught (that might or might not be true) and expect them to stay unpartnered in their life, or would I invest time trying being open to learning that I might be wrong? When it becomes personal, parents often do revisit what they believe to be true.

    There are secret FB groups filled with over a thousand Christian moms and another with hundreds of Christian dads who faced this point of questioning.

    I know many of them and read their stories daily. The contrast to the agony and broken relationships at the back of JB’s book is STUNNINGLY different.

    I have grown in my relationship with Christ because I have been willing to question exclusions.

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