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Leigh Corfman has very questionable past

Nov 9, 2017 by


FROM DONNA GARNER:  I do not know Roy Moore and have never even met him.  However, I do know the far-left news media who have no limits as to what they will do or say to destroy a true conservative.


Today’s 11.9.17 Washington Post article, “Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32” ranks right up there with what could easily be a smear campaign. Here is what I gleaned from reading between the lines:   


Please notice that Leigh Corfman says these incidents happened 39 years ago when she was 14. She came from a divorced family, has had three divorces, has filed for bankruptcy, and has had IRS problems. She was sought out by Washington Post reporters.



The other three women in the article indicated they had had no sexual encounters with Roy Moore, yet they are brought into the article to try to make Roy Moore look like a sexual predator.



Who knows what a young girl of 14 in a divorced family had seen and heard during her young life, and she easily could have been psychologically disturbed. Having sexual fantasies is a common psychological/emotional problem for young children who have witnessed traumatic activities in broken homes, and notice that she supposedly met Roy Moore while her mother was inside a courtroom because of a child custody hearing.




It seems very coincidental indeed that this story did not surface when Roy Moore ran for prior offices, but amazingly it has appeared right now at a time when the Alabama elections for the U. S. Senate are raging.  



Washington Post has a tarnished reputation for reporting fake news, and are we to trust these WP reporters to author an honest presentation of the facts? 



As expected, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Mr. GOP Establishment himself) is the first “rat” to flee the ship. I would hate to depend upon him to support me if I were in the crosshairs of the vicious fake news media who will go to all lengths to vilify and destroy a true conservative such as Roy Moore.

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  1. Jeff

    my dear Valerie, I’m sure you are sincere with your comments, except your a republican. you rush to defend the
    swamp of lefties, and the woman the swamp materialize from 40 years ago. your the person I want to go to if I need a compassionate shoulder to cry on. Why, because you will feel my pain, and you will protect me at any cost. in this regards you are a wonderful human being. you act and think with your emotions. emotions are important, but it can distort logic and reason. One thing about the left is they are very clever when it comes to manipulating emotions. do away with Obamacare, people will die. change the tax code, the poor will suffer. Oppose Obama, your a racist. support Roy Moore , you support child molestation. its a total fabrication. their goal is power and winning. They don’t give a flip about truth.

  2. Valerie

    “True conservative”? No. You all give credence to the ridiculous accusations that conservatives are racist, sexist, bigoted…
    we’re supposed to be the party of family values…What kind of “values” do we represent when we’re not only doubting a possible victim of child molestation and doing so with no evidence to support the denial, but also smearing a possible victim of child molestation and NOW, apparently, some of us are turning the tables and saying “she couldn’t have been abused….She must have been having sexual fantasies about him. She’sfrom a broken home. She’s struggled. She must be bad.”
    No. She’s one of us. She’s been a Republican and then she voted for Trump. She’s faced financial hardship, apparently, like many of us. Since when does irs problems or filing for bankruptcy, if it’s true, work against someone’s character with us? If it’s true, all it says is that she’s been a victim of the nepliberal experiment just like alot of us, which is probably why she bucked the establishment and voted Trump to begin with.
    Shake on all of you here agreeing with this. It’s fine to question the legitimacy of accusations, but to smear a possible victim like this, based on absolutely no evidence that she may be lying, says that family values mean Jack to ya. I bet the writer here and anyone else who hops on this wagon has 100% criticized Weinstein and these other Hollywood guys…and BILL CLINTON. But when it’s someone from your own camp, you dont reach the same conclusions and you take it further and try to`harm the victim. Shame on you hypocrites.

    • Robert Doerfler

      The age of consent now and 40 years ago in Alabama is 16. These events occurred almost 40 years ago. These were consensual dates. These girls were not drugged or raped. Moore would have been around 14 years older than those girls which is how much older he is from his wife.
      A 30 something year old person dating 16 to 18 year old person might be gauche but it is not illegal or even abusive. Gauche: Lacking social grace, sensitivity, or acuteness; awkward; crude; tactless.
      The 1st Judge Roy Moore accuser was Leigh Corfman whose birth year is given as 1964. These events supposedly took place in 1979 all though it could be 1980. Corfman could have been 15 years/364 days old. She may have lied about her age.
      Corfman says Moore chatted with her at a public Courthouse. He asked if he could call her sometime. She remembers giving him her number and says he called not long after (could have ben 1980). Corfman says she talked to Moore on her phone and they made plans for him to pick her up.
      They drove about 30 minutes to his home in the woods. She says he told her how pretty she was and kissed her. On a second visit Corfman says they kissed and touched and when she asked Moore to stop and to take her home, he did.
      She says they did not have intercourse. Corfman described herself as a little lost. Corfman says that her teenage life became increasingly reckless with drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16.
      The 2nd Judge Roy Moore accuser Wendy Miller says she 16 when he asked her on dates, which her mother forbade. They never even dated.
      The 3rdd Judge Roy Moore accuser (Debbie Wesson Gibson) says she was 17 when Moore spoke to her high school civics class and asked her out on the first of several dates that did not progress beyond kissing. And the fact that Gibson worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as a sign language interpreter is poking doubt at her story.
      The 4th Judge Roy Moore accuser Gloria Thacker Deason says she was an 18-year-old cheerleader when Moore began taking her on dates.
      Of the four women, the youngest at the time was Corfman, who is the only one who says she had sexual contact with Moore that went beyond kissing. She says they did not have intercourse.

  3. Jeff

    I for one do not believe Liegh Coffman. she has a history of deception and lying. she has been involved in several scandals , including falsely accusing preachers of sexual misconduct and so on. the timing of the accusations is a huge red flag. sexual accusations has become common place when Democrats are threatened of losing an election. I long ago realized Leftist Democrat’s do not have a moral compass of right or wrong. lying is not wrong with them. lying is just another tool in their little bag of tricks. they hate anything that takes away their control.

    • Valerie

      You should know better and be brighter than to be someone who paints an entire group of people the same. Just because some are that way, it in no way means the entire Democrat voter base or the rest of the left are the same. That’s like saying all on the right are racist jerks just because a faction are. And some on the left make that accusation…many do.. Be better, not the same, by realizing that every group of people has some really bad people and some really good people and we’re all better off when we’re willing to look for that. We have to live in the world together.
      With that said, if you have any references or links to provide as evidence that she has an established pattern or history of making false allegations, or just a history of accusing others in general, would you mind to share it here? I’ve seen this claimed s couple of times but when I look for the evidence myself, I can’t find anything other than commenters claiming it. I can’t find anything a little bit sold. I’m hoping the claims are coming from somewhere legitimate and that some people didn’t just fabricate the claim to make her look unreliable, and spread a fabrication across the internet. It’s disturbing to think that anyone would want Roy to win so much that they’d disregard the possibility of him being an abuser and attack and hurt a potential victim of child molestation, just because it makes them feel better…but we know that isn’t impossible. So if there’s any legit info you can offer, I’d really appreciate it. Since this involves the accusation of such a wicked act, I don’t want to be on the wrong side of this

    • Adrian Todd Zuniga

      “Jeff” a man doesn’t believe a woman. That adds up to, umm, all of history.

      • Jeff

        Adrian Todd Zuniga to the rescue, you ladies must stick together against the horrible man

        • Adrian Todd Zuniga

          I’m a straight white male. So I have been part of the problem — by not standing up and addressing toxic masculinity, and horrible patriarchal things. If it’s between a woman coming forward with 30 sources, or it’s a dude who defies the US Constitution and the Supreme Court, I’m going to say: Yeah, that adds up. Let’s listen to the woman, and now the women.

  4. Stanley Moyer

    What newspaper revealed Watergate? Or was that fake news? There are questions, but don’t hide for your convenience.

    • Jimmy Kilptrick

      What publication revealed Clinton getting a blow job in the White House, right Drudge Report. Next stupid comment Stanley.

      • Watergate? From 40+ years ago? Here’s a task, name one reporter or administrative official at WAPO who was there in 1972.

      • Jeff

        Monica Lewinsky was a teenager when Bill Clinton had her give him oral sex. How old was Bill Clinton at the time?

        • External Resource

          Forgot to mention all the other girls Bill raped early on perverts run wide and deep on the liberal side. Sen. Menendez is a prime example of real sex with minor with full penetration by the perverted senator.

        • Adrian Todd Zuniga

          Are you this terrible at Google? Or do you like lying/spreading misinformation? Monica was 22 at that time. Not a teenager. Also, regardless of ANYTHING about Clinton: Roy Moore is a horrible dude unqualified for the Senate.

        • shan

          She was 22.

  5. Kj Slater

    You do know that Trump’s background is far more shady. More bankruptcies and just as many marriages. So what are you saying?

  6. Darlene Miller

    This author fails to include Leigh’s Mother confirming Roy Moore approached her and ask to sit alone with her daughter at the court house…Leigh l
    ater told her Mother about the experience… Leight told the exact same experience to two different girl friends separately at different times with the other friend being present…. Leigh as many young victims of sexual assault experienced the effects on her mental damage from the experience… Shame on this author…

    • donna jaye

      Her mother died years ago, impossible

      • DrB3

        Nancy Wells, the mother of Leigh Corfman, gave a quote to the Washington Post for the story published 3 days ago. So, unless she died in recent weeks, you are mistaken.

        • Naomi

 She’s dead. Sorry to burst your liberal bubble, but WaPo is nothing but a gossip newspaper.

          • Adrian Todd Zuniga

            NO, SHE’S NOT. Dig under the initial thing that makes you feel good. Also, GROW UP. This is dangerous, people! You want this guy to be your representative. DIG DEEPER than your initial feeling, and confirming that feeling. You hate “liberal elites” — well, behave beyond trusting absolute nonsense because it makes you feel better about yourself.

    • Jeff

      This is a Washington Post hit job. I assume the Post forgot to tell you about how Liegh accused at lest three preachers of sexual assault. the cases were dropped because she was not credible and could not keep her story straight

  7. Jase

    Shame on the “author” of this disgusting smear campaign of the victim Leigh Corfman! Please read your bible! Disgusting how you people will stand by a sexual predator!

    • Pilot Dave

      “Innocent until proven guilty.” Unless you are a Democrat. Ask Comey.

    • Jeff

      We are talking about a57 year old woman with a very questionable past. All information is important in making forming an opinion. She maybe telling a little lie

    • David Stovall

      Shame on anybody that believes tales about a person without some proof. Remember the false rape accusation of the Duke lacrosse players, and the false claims by Tawana Brawley. Credibility does count. Look before you leap.

    • Naomi

      Don’t pretend to care about the Bible. If you cared about the Bible you wouldn’t be casting stones. You need a God in your life you fraud.

  8. Loretta

    What is wrong with u guys. What the hell does her situation as an adult have to do with her being molested as a child by that disgusting adult..its so sad that there r still people in this world who think like some of u. I pray to God u never have a child or family member go thru this. It can destroy a child’s life

    • Pilot Dave

      Sad that you Loretta don’t believe in “Innocent until proven guilty.” Unless you are a Democrat. Ask Comey.

  9. Adrian Todd Zuniga

    This article is disgusting. Say Ms. Corfman has had a “questionable past” — hey, maybe it’s because she was raped by a predatory man when she was a child.

  10. Melissa

    This article is shameful.

  11. The voters of Alabama will decide if what the media have created here is worthy of trust. Nothing a politician with a dog in the hunt can be trusted, Mitch McConnell? So who would they want to replace Moore after the people of Alabama have voted? Luther Strange? That is Convenient! Amazing so Mitch Mcconnell would rather overturn the will of the voters of Alabama than to do the right thing? Looks like that might and could be true. Mitt Romney the failed candidate? Worthy of our trust? No, not at all. Sorry Post, but better luck next time, Oh by the way when you try to create a story where none exists you should have some evidence to present.

  12. John

    Donna and Damian, If you would be raped and abused at the age of 14 it would affect your future life very badly. Shame on you! It is already proven would vote for any republican even if he is admitting sexual abuse in a video.

    • Jimmy Kilptrick

      Nothing but this person making claims. We see on college campuses the same is being done to men all the time. Most of the charges are false yet the men is ruin.

  13. Dave, MEd

    It’s shocking to read an editorial comment condemning a victim of pedophilia so soon after the accusation came to light. All too often in our profession the student who accuses a educator of misbehavior is demonized and belittled. That’s how we teach girls and young women not to come forward. We remind them they have no power and that silence is the best policy. The fact that your publication felt the need to publish such an editorial comment when there is no direct connection to schools or educational issues betrays your deep political bias and inherent misogynistic bent that is surprising and disturbing, especially when teachers in elementary and secondary schools are over 80 percent female.

    • Janet Proebstel

      Great defense of rape culture.

    • Barbara Witt

      If you’re an educator, why do you make such an un-educator mistake in your comment: ‘…accuses *a* educator of…’. That would be *an educator*, the simple rule about ‘a consonant’, ‘an vowe’l in play here. I sure wish schools spent more time on the true education of our children, not the socialization and, frankly, indoctrination of our children by those with a very liberal agenda.

      • Adrian Todd Zuniga

        You condescending doofus: the GOP screams “lower taxes!” and you eat it up. That tax money in part goes to education (which the south, based on voting, have zero interest in). So feel high and mighty because someone made a grammatical error but quit blaming the liberal whatever. You just trumpet soundbytes without educating yourself to the reality of what the GOP or the liberals you despise actually stand for.

      • Jeff

        Beautifully said Barbara Witt, The lefties have taken control of all major Learning and information centers.

  14. Damian Smith

    Why can’t we find this womans photo anywhere? For god sake she’s 52, why is she being kept undercover? How messed up is she? This bs stinks like the supposed porn star who wouldn’t sleep with Trump for 10 grand. These people, including RINOS like McCain are without honor. Disgusting.

  15. Leigh Corfman is a registered Democrat. The Post claims she voted for Donald Trump. Right.

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