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To MASSACHUSETTS Common Core Forum Members

Dec 17, 2015 by

To MASSACHUSETTS Common Core Forum Members: Let’s Keep our Eyes on the Ball (Our Ballot Question) During the Holiday Season

Hello folks,

Let not the holiday season be used by our opponents to usher in our defeat! It is not too far-fetched to imagine the pro-Common Core forces counting on a lull in the news to make MA citizens think that MCAS 2.0 is the solution to the ballot question, so no need for a ballot question to get rid of Common Core. Also keep in mind that similar forces have orchestrated the re-authorization in the U.S. Senate of ESEA (now called Each Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA), claiming it lets states opt out of Common Core. Those two misleading facts could derail us in the eyes of the public.

In the weeks ahead, before January 6th (the deadline for the Secretary of State to tell us whether we collected enough valid signatures), we may need to make voters know we are eager to spring into action.

We could consider such options as the following:

 Sending short e-mails as well as twitter tweets to the local media and the Secretary of State’s office saying that we are waiting to know how many more signatures we need to officially collect for the November 2016 election ballot.

 Asking for a DESE delay in working out a hybrid MCAS 2.0 until voters decide whether they want another test based on Common Core’s standards.

We should let our grassroots constituents know we are not asleep while the opposition is scheming. We should also let the media know we are still here as we wait to hear from the Secretary of State’s office.

Please share your thoughts.

Michael Gendre, Patrick Touhey, Jane Wilcox, Dean Cavaretta

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