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Online Degrees Offer Better Career Flexibility for Older Students

Mar 20, 2017 by

As the needs of the employment market have changed, so too have the needs of the students. In the not too distant past a single college degree would be sufficient for graduates to gain a good job and to remain securely employed for the bulk of their working life.

Today, not only do employers expect more specialized skills from their graduate employees, they also use degrees as a filtering mechanism to help shrink the pool of applications they need to sift through. No degree = no chance!

Many people now find that after years of working, they can’t switch to better paid jobs that are well within their capabilities because they don’t have the specific degree the employer requires, while others find that they need advanced qualifications to allow them to climb up the next rung of their career ladder.

How Online Degrees Help

Traditional campus based learning doesn’t suit older students who have bills to pay and families to take care of. They need to fit their studies into the spare time they have available and not be held to rigid class schedules.

Online degree programs like a masters degree in civil engineering or a degree in cybersecurity give students the ability to learn during evenings and at weekends, using both asynchronous and synchronous classes. Online students also have full access to faculty and other support staff, just like regular students.

Online courses offer an attractive cost saving when compared to learning at a bricks and mortar college, and the ability to obtain student loan financing for accredited degree programs makes these kinds of degrees even more accessible for older students.

There’s a Good Choice of Career Focused Degree Programs Available

Many online degrees are designed for specific career paths and as such deliver exactly the knowledge and skills that students need to fulfill their career goals.

Degrees cover the specialized knowledge required for employment sectors including Healthcare, Civil Engineering, IT, Communications, Urban Planning, Teaching, and more.

Students can choose the level of study that they require, and can often apply for associates, bachelors and master’s degree programs with start dates that fit their needs, instead of being stuck with the traditional admissions timetable.

Employers Are More Accepting of Online Degrees

When universities first began offering degree programs online, the reputation of online degrees had been sullied by the fake degree mills that were in operation at the time. As leading educational establishments began to offer their courses online, perceptions of online degrees changed.

Universities have also invested their resources in educating employers about the programs they offer, and as a result, employers are now more than willing to accept candidates with qualifications like a civil engineering online degree, as long as they are from accredited colleges and universities.

As the requirements of the workplace have changed, college education has reinvented itself to meet the needs of students and their prospective employers, with courses delivering the sought after skills that a modern fast changing economy demands.

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