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Passionless Education: Are Some Teachers In Danger Of Letting Kids Down In The Classroom?

Feb 20, 2017 by

Today’s teachers often have significant challenges ahead of them on a daily basis. For a start, they have to keep their pupils engaged and interested in the subject matter at hand. They must also deliver education to their students in a way that makes it easy for kids to understand and remember.

As you can appreciate, teachers need to be somewhat passionate about their work. That’s because children are more likely to take an interest in a subject if the teachers do as well. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples today where some teachers have no passion for what they do.

To them, their work is simply a job rather than a way to help shape tomorrow’s generation for the better. With that thought in mind, are some teachers in danger of jeopardizing the education of many youngsters today? As you may have guessed, the answer is yes. So, just what is it that some teachers are doing wrong, and what steps can they take to fix things?

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Teachers obviously have a limited amount of time to teach particular subjects to their students. Because of that fact, some educators rush through their classes without ensuring all pupils understand the topic in question.

The truth is that each child will learn at their own pace, with some learning quicker than others. It’s important that those who cannot grasp a specialized concept, such as computer programming, be given the support they need.

Freestyle teaching

No, we’re not talking about giving rap lessons to youngsters! Whether they like to admit it or not, teachers NEED to have a lesson plan of some description. It gives them a roadmap of the subjects or concepts they need to cover in each lesson. Plus, it provides teachers with support in case things go wrong for whatever reason.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a basic lesson outline or some Thank You Mr Falker lesson plans. What does matter is that an educator knows what they are doing on any given day. Simply turning up to a class and going off the grid with their teaching doesn’t do teachers or their pupils any favors.

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Forgetting to have some fun

Some teachers forget that their students aren’t adults like themselves. They have a room full of impressionable young minds before them! Education need not be a difficult or dull endeavor. Teachers must make their lessons engaging and foster creativity within the classroom.

A lack of fun or entertainment is an indicator of passionless teaching. There is a variety of ways that educators can make any lessons more fun. Doing so is more likely to keep a child engaged and want to learn more about the subject at hand.

Problem solving

Last, but not least, there will be times where teachers must identify and help resolve issues that their students may have. For instance, it could be they have an undiagnosed learning disability. Or perhaps a child may be the victim of bullying.

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Despite a school’s best efforts, some teachers fail to spot the signs of when kids need their help. A school must ensure that teachers receive the right training and feedback to help them spot and deal with any potential pupil problems.

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