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How to Proofread a Composition: Tips and Strategies

Jun 7, 2017 by

Every order essay knows that proofreading is a half of your paper’s success. Getting rid of errors, fixing grammar and punctuation mistakes is essential for those who want to get good grades. It’s a pity, but even the most compelling content, unique ideas, and strong arguments won’t be that impressive if mistakes will sneak into your work. Proofreading might be tedious, but it is crucial.

Errors are difficult to spot in your paper because you will focus on the message of your text rather than on errors. To overcome this problem, you should read your text slowly, proofread it out loud and pay attention to each word and comma. The other strategy is reading your work in reverse order. It will keep your attention away from the meaning and help your focus on the form.

Useful techniques to help you proofread your paper

  • Concentrate on your task

When you need to polish your writing, you have to get rid of distractions. So turn off your cell phone, block your social networks and stay away from TV. There are more chances that you will find and fix all mistakes if nothing interrupts the process.

  • Print it out

You may find it easier to proofread a printed copy of your composition. Read it aloud for a couple of times, and you will notice that your ears catch errors that your eyes may have missed.

  • Pay attention to homonyms

Homonyms are words that share pronunciation but have different meanings. Confusing “accept” and “except” can be catastrophic. So be attentive!

  • Check punctuation

Words are important but commas, periods and capitalized words are necessary as well. Sometimes a missed comma can ruin the sense of your argument or make it unclear. If you are not very good at punctuation, try using online editing tools to find errors you might have missed.

  • Read your composition backward

When you are writing, you focus on the meaning of sentences and become blind to mistakes that appear in words. As we have already mentioned, reading your paper backward will help you focus on words only and therefore fix them without focusing on sentences too much.

  • Check dates and numbers

Make sure that dates and numbers are correct, especially if you are using statistical data. Stating that the population of the US is 321 billion instead of 321 million is embarrassing.

  • Find a person who can give it a final view

After you have reviewed your composition carefully, make sure to give it to your friend and ask for additional proofreading. Giving your paper to someone else is a great practice since this person might give it a fresh look and you will be amazed at how many mistakes you have missed. Moreover, you may ask a second person for a little feedback about the content asking whether your position makes sense or not.

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