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May 17, 2014 by


“The Psychological Testing in Common Core Standards”

by Donna Garner



Common Core schools in various parts of the U. S. have begun to require students (without parental knowledge) to take the Pearson Clinical Tests. The questions on these tests contain very personal questions. Teachers (as seen on the BASC-2 link below) enter personal, subjective observations about their students into the Pearson database. Pearson’s privacy policy says they will share the information with their contractors and that the policy can change without notice.  However, the contractors have no privacy policy. It is not a stretch to imagine that students’ personally identifiable information could indeed be used against them for college admissions and/or future employment.





Combine this with the following, and it is obvious that Common Core’s real goal has little to do with academic excellence but much to do with psychological/emotional manipulation and the indoctrination of this and future generations of children into the social justice agenda:




Actual examples in Common Core English/Language Arts instructional materials for literature and writing (Zaner-Bloser) – indoctrination through social justice activism



First Grade Literature and Writing  – 6 year olds — How to persuade by using emotional words rather than fact-based words  — social justice activism, entitlements, teaching children how to manipulate their parents to get what they want, marginalizing relationships between 6-year olds and their parents   

Third Grade Literature and Writing — Student observation form not evaluating a student’s growth and change in literature and writing but in a student’s individual behaviors and attitudes to advocate for social activism, social viewpoints (know when something is unfair, fine-tuned sense of unfairness, recognizing social advocacy, solving group problems)   






Donna Garner

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  1. Avatar
    Donna Koch

    Scroll down to the YouTube video and you will have all the evidence you need! The first grade curriculum is developmentally inappropriate and disturbing to say the least.

  2. Avatar
    Dave Eckstrom

    “Common Core schools in various parts of the U. S. have begun to require students (without parental knowledge) to take the Pearson Clinical Tests.”

    Common core schools in various parts of the US also have drinking fountains in the hallways. Doesn’t mean this has anything to do with the Common Core.

    There is nothing I can see in the CCSS documentation that would indicate the use of this test. Also, schools (common core or not) have been using this kind of testing for years (long before CCSS) to diagnose for EBD issues. This is not a change that happened with the CCSS. And, yeah, Pearson markets a ton of educational assessment products. No surprise they are in this game, too.

    You might want to try to stick to what’s factual and relevant, if you want people to support your cause.

  3. Avatar
    Dave Eckstrom

    Can you cite a CCSS standard that requires, or even suggests anything you’ve written in the first and third grade examples above?

    Just trying to hold you to your own standard of not “using emotional words rather than fact-based words.”

    • Avatar
      Donna Koch

      Watch the video link and you will see exactly all the evidence you are looking for!!! The first grade curriculum is developmentally inappropriate. Kids should be writing about their pets or their favorite food and not be fed this garbage!

  4. Avatar
    Anne Beal

    I read the CC literacy standards for first and third grades and they don’t match what’s reported here

    • Avatar

      When I was in 6th grade, my parents got involved because my hippie teacher was indoctrinating. That was in the 60’s. Had I argued with the teacher, I probably would have been paddled. With Common Core, students are required to explain and discuss so that would help protect against indoctrination.

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