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Reasons why psychometric tests should be an important part of career planning

Mar 29, 2018 by

While we have different devices to measure physical traits, is it possible to measure psychological traits as well? More importantly, how can knowing our psychological traits help us? These traits can reveal a lot about a person’s nature, inherent talents and aptitude. One person can be good in handling people and relationships while the other may be good with facts and figures. If we get to know about these traits before making a career choice, it can help us tremendously in going in the right direction.

What exactly are psychometric tests?

Commonly termed as ability tests, critical thinking tests, or personality tests, psychometric tests have been long used by organizations to select a candidate who can handle a role and the pressures that come with it. These tests include reasoning questions, aptitude questions, ability based questions, and personality profile questions. Psychometric tests are one of the best ways to measure the supposedly non-measurable and these can instantly provide objective results without any biasing. The accuracy of psychometric tests may vary as it depends upon the principles on which it is designed.

Psychometric tests and career planning

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make in your life and that too while you are still in school. Over and above, there’s pressure from our parents, relatives and peers. Some students are very clear about the career they want to pursue but are unaware of the hard work it entails. While there are other students who have no idea which career path to stick to or what are the pre-requisite skills for a specific career choice.

Making a career choice is definitely one decision that is going to stick with you throughout your life. It is the starting point that will define and shape the rest of your life. Considering this heavy weight attached to the decision, it becomes imperative to make this choice with proper understanding and planning.

This is where psychometric tests can play a significant role in helping students make the right career choice. A quality psychometric test can reveal a student’s personality traits including strengths and limitations, untapped talent, how he or she handles stress or difficult situations, and what motivates or excites him or her. Most common psychometric tests will ask students multiple choice questions related to their skills, values, likes, dislikes, aptitude and reasoning.

These tests, combined with an expert counselling session, can immensely help students understand their potential career opportunities. They can not only help them understand a potential career stream better but also help them understand the scope of that particular career.

iae GLOBAL India provides a detailed psychometric test accompanied with career counselling session with an expert career counsellor to help students choose a career path in which they can thrive best.

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