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Special education services for preschoolers in constant crisis

Sep 15, 2017 by

As providers fold, families are left desperate.

Everything Leilani Mohamed says, her mother writes down in the margins of a notebook.

“I’m OK.” “Watch this.” “Look Mom, sky so pretty.”

Leilani is 5 years old; her collected speeches fit along the edges of notebook pages because she was diagnosed three years ago on the autism spectrum. In between the things Leilani has said, Geanna Mohamed writes down the services her daughter is supposed to get.

Speech services, physical therapy, occupational therapy. When Leilani gets them, she blossoms, her mother said, “like a flower in its natural state.” She greets people by name, sings songs and walks like a crab.

When Leilani doesn’t get the help she needs, though, she wilts.

Source: Special education services for preschoolers in constant crisis

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