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St. Louis schools will return to local control July 1 after 12 years under state control

Apr 17, 2019 by

ST. LOUIS • The Missouri Board of Education on Tuesday voted to return control of the city’s public schools to an elected board after 12 years of state control.

“I think we can look forward to a new St. Louis Public Schools,” said Donna Jones, the longest serving member of the elected board, which had continued to meet during state control. “The future looks bright.”

The district has been governed by a three-member special administrative board since 2007, when the district lost accreditation after poor financial and academic performance and infighting among elected board members. The district regained full accreditation in 2017 after improvements to graduation rates and finances, among other measures.

Margie Vandeven, state commissioner of education, recommended the handover in a presentation at the state board meeting Tuesday at the Westin St. Louis downtown. The state board voted unanimously to approve the transition.

Vandeven said the special administrative board had achieved its goals of regaining state accreditation, improving the district’s finances and maintaining stable leadership under Superintendent Kelvin Adams, who was hired in 2008 after nearly annual turnover in that top job.

The appointed board will be disbanded as of July 1 and the seven-member elected school board will take over.

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