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Students results are better if they find their teacher’s good looking

Aug 27, 2016 by

The US research claims attractive teachers ‘command closer attention’

Students get better results if they find their teachers attractive, research suggests.

They are more likely to pay attention, be more motivated and rate teachers’ ability more highly if they consider them good-looking, psychologists found.

They stressed the results were not driven by sexual attraction, saying such teachers might pick up on their students’ feelings and raise their game, or simply command closer attention.

US research has suggested that students get better results if their teachers are attractive but they have stressed the results were not driver by sexual attraction

The US research chimes with previous studies showing attractive people tend to be seen as more competent than uglier ones.

Even the outcome of criminal trials can be affected as studies suggest jurors are strongly influenced by the physical attractiveness of the accused.

University of Nevada psychologists asked more than 100 students to listen to an audio recording of a physics lecture delivered either by a male or female tutor.

Source: Students results are better if they find their teacher’s good looking | Daily Mail Online

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