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Teachers on Twitter: why you should join and how to get started

Apr 20, 2017 by

Thanks to inspiring and generous teachers on the social media site, my passion for my job has been renewed

I’ve been using Twitter for six months and it’s already one of the best career decisions I’ve made.

For a while, it seemed that my relationship with teaching was going to be short lived (the first rush of excitement and energy was gone and in need of resuscitation). But thanks to some of the inspiring educators on Twitter, I have fallen back in love with teaching.

Earlier this year, a colleague (@historychappy) presented a 10-minute continuing professional development session on how to expand your personal learning network. By the end of the session I was convinced by his ideas, and have since found Twitter to be an excellent way to develop professionally.

Over the past few months, I have learned so much, not only about classroom teaching but also about wider educational debates. Here’s why I think all teachers should join the conversation, and some tips for getting started.

Find and share resources

Whatever resource you are about to make, stop – open Twitter and explore what is already available. Chances are that another teacher will have created something that is perfect for you, and is using strategies you’ve never thought of.

The productivity and generosity of teachers on Twitter is inspiring and I have also become more efficient in creating and sharing resources. Collaborating with online colleagues is an enlightening experience and as teachers we should want all students to learn, not just the ones in front of us.

Be informed

The blogs of some incredible teachers have taught me far more about my profession, and given me more practical ideas, than my MA in education did. There is some incredibly useful research being carried out in education, but I didn’t encounter any of it until joining Twitter and following groups such as The Learning Scientists (@AceThatTest).

And after a few days of reading blogs on everyday practice, my approach to lessons was re-energised. I’ve taken many useful pointers from Rebecca Foster (@TLPMsF) especially, who blogs weekly about practical ideas for the classroom.

Source: Teachers on Twitter: why you should join and how to get started | Teacher Network | The Guardian

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