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Teachers union Jihad aganist Gov. Bobby Jindal

Oct 15, 2012 by

The survival of school choice in Louisiana is at stake in a court battle that pits education reformers against teachers’ unions.

The Louisiana legislature approved Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal’s education reforms earlier this year, creating a voucher system that would give children state money to attend schools of their choice.

But the Louisiana Association of Educators has sued to prevent implementation of the policy, which they say amounts to a takeover of public education by corporations and religious organizations.

The Louisiana District Court will hear the case Monday.

The governor characterized the union’s lawsuit as an attempt to stall needed reforms.

“The coalition of the status quo has fought reform every step of the way, so it is no surprise teacher unions are making this last ditch effort to convince the courts to overrule the vote of the people and the Legislature,” Jindal said through a spokesman, in an email to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Holding up these reforms in court would only deny parents and students the opportunity to escape failing schools.”

The Institute for Justice has taken the side of school choice, and will make the argument that the voucher system is constitutional, according to Bill Maurer, the institute’s chief attorney on the case.

“The legislature has both the moral and legal obligation to provide alternative to children so they don’t end up mired in poverty, lacking a good education for their entire lives,” Maruer said in an interview with TheDC News Foundation.

via Court battle set for Louisiana school reform, as teachers union square off against Gov. Bobby Jindal | The Daily Caller.

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