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Texas Should Divest Itself of Turkish Charter Schools

Dec 28, 2014 by

“Texas Should Divest Itself of Turkish Charter Schools”

By Donna Garner




If we Texans care about the spread of the Islamic State and Sharia law in America, we need to divest Texas of any involvement with the Gulen Turkish Harmony Charter Schools.  If they want to become private schools to spread their Islamic-friendly indoctrination, then that would be one thing; but when they want to use our taxpayers’ dollars to do it through charter schools, then that is quite another issue.  


How do we know that our taxpayers’ dollars are staying right here in Texas to support the Harmony Schools, or are those taxpayers’ dollars being sent to Turkey to help support ISIS? 


For all of the following reasons, we in Texas should have grave concerns about the Harmony Charter Schools tied to Fethullah Gulen and Turkey:    


Point #1:  Turkey siding with the ISIS fighters against the Kurds — 9.29.14 – “Turkey giving arms to ISIS fighters to hurt Kurds” – ABCNews



Point #2:  The newly found rant by Fethullah Gulen posted by Pam Geller on 12.24.14 is particularly significant…”make like a bomb and explode against the USA”… “that we must reverse the games onto the USA in 5-10 years” —



Point #3:  The recent security threat declaration on the Gulen Networks in Turkey… President Erdogan’s looming arrest warrant and extradition for Gulen:


12.19.14 – “Turkey issues Fethullah Gulen arrest warrant” – BBC News —


12.19.14 – “Turkey issues arrest warrant for Erdoğan rival Fethullah Gülen” – the Guardian


12.20.14 — “Gülenist private school in Egypt raided” – Daily Sabah Politics


Point #4:  The worsening relationship between Turkey and the United States — 10.29.14 – “For Turkey and U.S., at odds over Syria, a 60-year alliance shows signs of crumbling” – by Liz Sly —  Washington Post —



Point #5: The advancement of Sharia law and the Islamic state by using our public schools —  


“Then there are garden variety Muslims bent on advancing Sharia law in our schools who also wield enormous power. Take, for instance, Fethullah GulenGulen is a Muslim committed to the advancement of the Islamic state. He has called for the destruction of the United States and all infidels. And he has set up a network of publically-funded charter schools.” 12.28.14 — “Allah in Our Schools:  Common Core Lesson Plans” — by Carol Brown – American Thinker


Point #6:  The federal report exposing Harmony’s special needs students and English language learners –11.26.14 – “Federal report: Special-needs students, English learners ‘significantly underrepresented’ at Harmony charter schools” – by Holly K. Hacker  — Dallas Morning News




Donna Garner

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  1. anonymous

    what the heck? Harmony schools are normal public charter schools and turks are the nicest people ever. This is a really stupid website and I, as a student of Harmony schools, assure you that whoever wrote this has absolutely no idea whats going on and what idiotism they’re talking about.

  2. pete smolan

    there should be a bi-partisan committee established to approve/disapprove any
    foreign schools based on their country of origin and curriculum. In addition,
    no foreign churches, i.e., mosques, etc. can be founded “unless” any religion in
    this country has the same option of building their houses of worship in that re-
    spective country. enough of this BS of freedom of everything except freedom for
    the American people. our culture, social standards, morals, etc., etc. are being taken away by the stupidity of politics and a specific voting block

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