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There Is Life Beyond Facebook and All Social Media

Aug 9, 2018 by

By Judi McLeod –

There Is Life  Beyond Facebook and All Social Media
The ganging up and piling on of social media in the Midterm Election Campaign, members of which are the same ones that banned Alex Jones, is not new.

In fact, it’s Election 2016 Redux, returning for a second stab in the back with a vengeance.

Jones’ followers, already scrambling to find him any way possible,  prove that there is life after Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Google YouTube et al.

It’s nothing but a mob mentality that’s got them all on the run.

By its timing alone, the banning of Infowars shows that it has nothing to do with “hate speech” or the propagation of so-called “conspiracy theories” but was a painstaking political plan set in motion 90-odd days before November Midterms.

It was only a matter of time that the progressive left would be sending bully boy power brokers of the social media networks into full play.

Jones will only be the first to go as Election 2016 Redux turns off the lights, one by one, on what was originally created as the ‘Information Highway’.

Internet lights have been dimmed on Jones, but the lights of ISIS, the mega producers of porn, and the likes of Louis Farrakhan still burn brightly.

All of the above, minus Jones, qualify for social media’s pretentious “codes of conduct”, easily stretched for socialist social inclusion.

The sweetheart deals Obama, Hillary and company likely made with social media giants must have been staggering, including ‘no government interference of any kind if you jump into the tank with us’.

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