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Top 10 Companies Obsessed with Big Data Analytics!

Sep 6, 2017 by


Data is everywhere. Each and every activity of us produces bulks and bulks of data. Whether it is your browsing history, your emails, your activities on social networking sites, or the products you add in the online shopping cart creates significant amount of data which reflects much more about you than you think.

2.7 Zetabytes of data exist in the digital universe today. -MarTech

But where is this data going and why is there so much hype about Big Data? 38% of enterprises have increased spending on data analytics in 2017 which is the umbrella term comprising of big data, enterprise analytics, data mining and business intelligence. Learn more in the Intellipaat Data Science & Analytics training now.

New job opportunities are being created in futuristic technologies all thanks to automation, Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence among other domains. Intellipaat offers industry-designed training in over 150 cutting-edge technologies and tools bridging the gap between industry demand and individual’s skills.

Now let’s find out how world’s some of the top 10 companies found the ways to use Big Data Analytics.

Walmart# The Big Boss of Retailers

Walmart is known to be the biggest retailer with over 20,000 stores across 28 countries believes in utilizing the time analyzing the petabytes of information its databases store. As per an article of Forbes, Walmart has created its analytics hub called Data Cafe which can model, manipulate and visualized up to 200 streams of internal and external data along with 40 petabytes of recent transactional data.

Supposedly the big cloud, Walmart’s analytics project, has brought a dramatic reduction in the time taken in solving the business issues. The queries solving and analyzing which used to take 2 to 3 weeks, now take 30 minutes, which is a 180-degree shift.

Amazon# The Trendsetter

Ever wonder each time you visit the Amazon application to shop something, it recommends certain products based on your last activity? It’s all big data analytics. As per the reports, Amazon analyzes around 1 million terabytes of data across 1400,000 servers which helps the company boost up it sales and analyze your buying behavior even before you buy anything.

Predictive analytics is the biggest weapon used by Amazon right now along with various technologies like AI. The prime Big Data technologies used by Amazon is Hadoop and Spark which gives an amazing processing power to its big data cluster making it suitable for such a gigantic volume of data without fail.

Facebook# The Social Media king

People wonder once they see the advertisement of the e-commerce website on their Facebook wall they were just checking. How could this happen? It suggests the people you may know. It shows the ads on the right hand side of the window of the products that you Google. Right? Facebook realizes the amount of data it generates each time you like and share something on this platform and it analyzes all these data to analyze your behavior.

Facebook stores, accesses, and analyzes over 30 Petabytes of user generated data. – Wikibon

Facebook uses this information to analyze user behavior which makes businesses gain deep insights about their potential customers.

General Electric (GE)# The Pioneer

General Electric is the pioneer in its domain and has been in news since it took over a Scheduling software firm last year called “ServiceMax” for $915 million. What is GE up to?

The benchmark for manufacturing firms, GE is now completely focused on bringing up digital solutions into production. It is evident from GE’s move that why is every company turning into a software firm just to stay in the game. The company is investing heavily in Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing to keep pace with the changing business dynamics. Its oil and gas industry is going to see a revolution in coming years by redefining the automation using analytics and technology.

Netflix# The Streaming Video Portal

Entertainment industry is nowhere lagging behind other prominent sectors. Online streaming portals like Netflix uses big data analytics to analyze the viewer’s preference and the time spent on the portal to analyze their pattern. This data is used to buy rights for films and daily soaps that major viewer base like.

Starbucks# TheUltimate Coffee Destination

The purchases you make in Starbucks are recorded in the database just to analyze your purchase behavior to offer you more customized deals. The stores of Starbucks are located in the most high-traffic, premium, and high visibility areas. The business intelligence tools are used to target the consumers in a better fashion.

American Express# The Epitome of Financial Services

Holding a database of around 100 million credit card owners across the globe, this firm deals with a huge amount of data each day. The company uses big data analytics and machine learning to analyze the transactions and turn this analytics into fruitful decisions. The predictive analytics and machine learning models are allowing the firm to understand the consumer behavior more deeply and predict the future transactions.

Not just this, but this huge volume of data tells a lot about the promising customers and the way firms can retain the old customers. Handling the business queries is another issue that has made this firm take the help of analytics and big data.

AT&T#The Telecom Giant

This telecom giant uses big data analytics to resolve the customer queries, provide better customer care services, enhance customer experience, and much more. Ranging from maintaining long-term relationship with the customers to handle the logistics, AT&T has redefined the asset management and resource management using big data analytics.

Moreover the company is coming up with digital wind farm that can help leverage analytics in helping machines optimization. This way the company aims to produce 10% more energy than before.

Uber#The Disruptive Innovation

The popular cab service Uber has taken the world by storm with its disruptive innovation. The prices of Uber cab rides are comparable to the prices of other cheap conveyance vehicles available that makes it a desirable option for common people. However how did Uber succeed in reaching its target market? Big Data Analytics is the secret key behind this.

The analysis of current price rates as compared to the distance, preferred mode of commutation by the public, how much is a passenger ready to pay and how can the rides be customized are all the told by the data collected from millions of passengers across the globe. Each customer is offered with different coupons as per their past rides and frequency of using the cab service.

IBM# Much More than Computers and Cash Registers

You must be thinking why I put IBM far down the article. Well! IBM is an established firm previously known for being a reputed system provider. However over the years it has emerged as the pioneer in the domain of cognitive systems and big data analytics. From a simple computer firm to a service-led enterprise, IBM has leveraged the power of Big Data Analytics to its core and is now a direct competitor of Microsoft and Oracle.

You can imagine the power of IBM created cognitive system called Watson which went on to participate in the Wimbledon 2017 in the form of various services.

Amazing right?

These are the pinnacle firms which have set the benchmark for others. However in the developing countries like India where the Start-ups are the booming faster than the established counterparts, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are playing a big role in accelerating the growth.

Author Bio:

Sonal Maheshwari has 6 years of corporate experience in various technology platforms such as Big Data, Data Science, Salesforce, Digital Marketing, CRM, SQL, JAVA, Oracle, etc. She has worked for MNCs like Wenger & Watson Inc, CMC LIMITED, EXL Services Ltd., and Cognizant. She is a technology nerd and loves contributing to various open platforms through blogging. She is currently in association with a leading professional training provider, Intellipaat Software Solutions and strives to provide knowledge to aspirants and professionals through personal blogs, research, and innovative ideas.

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