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May 12, 2015 by

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Comparison of Two Types of Education

Description Traditional (Classical) Progressive (Ex.: Common Core / CSCOPE) Common Core: “standards for college and career readiness”
Education purpose Content knowledge and skill Constructivism (fundamental transformation of attitudes, beliefs,values, and behavior through psychological manipulation); effect social / political change (John Dewey); means of domination
Instruction Direct instruction by teacher Project based learning in groups (prevents development of individual logical abstract thinking); students teach each other in “flip classes”; Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures use collaborative technique that creates constructivist approach; Digital Learning (psychological control and directing of learning process — does not allow for rational and critical thinking); “Personalized Learning”
Curriculum Transmission of knowledge: individual academic learning; fact-based; skills; research Rejects transmission of knowledge; constructivism; group activities; Cultural Marxism (social, political and economic justice); subjective; high school courses becoming largely vocational
Teacher’s role Authority figure; academic instruction Facilitator; authority figures devalued
Student’s role Learn from teacher; develop logic and analytical reasoning skills; independent thinking encouraged Teach each other using project based / collaborative learning; collectivist orientation; independent thinking and self-reliance discouraged; “student-centered”
English, Language Arts, Reading Classical literature; phonics; cursive handwriting; grammar; correct spelling; research; and expository writing Pornographic literature; whole language that limits reading fluency; no cursive writing instruction; informational texts replace much of classical literature
Math Drill and skill” Fuzzy math; developmentally inappropriate processes; drill and memorization rejected; dependence upon calculators; math processes more important than correct answers
Science Fact-based Ignores scientific research; evolution; global warming
Social Studies Focus on American exceptionalism, heritage, national sovereignty, and Founding Documents American history and Founding Documents revised; multiculturalism; diversity; political correctness; world citizen viewAnti-America; anti-Christian; anti-Jewish; pro-Islam; wealth redistribution; anti-free enterprise / capitalismDe-emphasizes national sovereignty, American exceptionalism, Founding Fathers, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence
Character development Pro-faith; self control; personal responsibility; self-discipline; solid work ethic Secular; earth worship; moral relativism; sexual freedom; victimization; required to accept homosexuality as normal lifestyle
Equality Equal opportunities Outcomes Based Education: curriculum dumbed down for equal outcomes between low and high achievers
Assessment (testing) Objective tests based on academic skills and knowledge; right or wrong answers; grades must be earned Inflated grades; subjective tests; test scores based upon value-system of grader; “feel-good” scoring
Technology Textbooks Common Core aligned textbooks, online curriculum, and assessments produced by Pearson; data mining; IT role is to change human behavior; partnership between Pearson / Gates Foundation

Copyright@2015 Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved

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  1. Avatar
    Fuzzybrain McMathenstein

    This is largely inaccurate. No computer technology in traditional education? “Collectivist” confused with constructivist? Someone needs to go back to school.

  2. Avatar
    denny king

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I certainly hope you are not involved in any way in making decisions about the educational and scholarly pursuits of even one single member of our youth. This is the most biased, ill thought out, non researched, “alternative facts” piece of rubbish, I have ever read! 90% of the added derogatory comments should be flip-flopped to the other side of the column. I thought a mistake had been made right off the bat, when I saw “common core” listed under the progressive side, until I read the rest of the banal tripe . Please do some actual research before attempting to offer wisdom on a subject you obviously know absolutely nothing about.

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