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Trump Promised To Repeal Common Core. These Parents Don’t Plan To Let Him Forget It.

Mar 14, 2017 by

They voted for him in November. Now they’re pushing him to keep his promises.

Donald Trump wasn’t Stacey Gyorgyi’s first choice for president ― but when she stepped into a Georgia voting booth and placed a ballot for him in November, she was hopeful.

Gyorgyi, a mother of two elementary-aged children, is deeply involved in public education activism, and after Trump repeatedly spoke on the campaign trail about his desire to dismantle the Common Core State Standards, he seemed like the best hope for creating the type of change she believed in.

Now she’s not so sure.

During the campaign and in the weeks following his election, Trump’s pledge to end the Common Core, a set of education goals that has stirred controversy on both sides of the aisle, became a popular refrain, often greeted by thunderous applause. But since taking office, the president seems to have dropped the topic, anti-Common Core activists say.

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Now those same activists are working together to challenge Trump to keep his promise. Groups like the Patriots Journalist Network, a collective of conservative Twitter activists, have rallied around hashtags like #EndCommonCore and #KeepYourPromise, creating viral campaigns to get the attention of other conservatives and, they hope, of Trump himself.

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  1. Dennis Cuddy

    Even if Trump “repeals” Common Core standards, the plan of the Society of the Elect (formed by Cecil Rhodes) is that Rhodes scholars David Coleman and his friend Jason Zimba (with about 3 others) develop Common Core; Coleman is put in charge of the College Boards and aligns the SATs with Common Core; so even if Trump rejects Common Core standards, states, homeschoolers, private and religious schoolers witl be coerced into accepting many of its aspects if they want their students to do well on the SATs and be admitted to state colleges and universities.

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