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Unbroken: the Story of a True American Patriot

Dec 25, 2014 by

Unbroken: the Story of a True American Patriot
by Donna Garner




“Unbroken” is a gripping movie of the very compelling story of Louie Zamperini’s life.  The acting is amazingly good.  Louie was an Olympic track star who served in WW II, was shot down, lived through 47 days drifting at sea, and then was tortured at Japanese prison camps.  Louie’s ability to withstand his suffering is an inspiration for all.  The only problem is that the director, Angelina Jolie, decided to leave out very important parts of Louie’s life.


Louie actually came home from the Japanese war camp an angry man who became addicted to alcohol and cigarettes and verbally abused his young wife.  The most important night of his life occurred in 1949 at a Billy Graham Crusade in Los Angeles when he asked Jesus Christ to be his Savior, went home and poured all of his alcohol down the drain, and later reconciled with his wife.  He recently died at age 97.


The movie is rated PG-13 because of its strong content, but there are no sexualized portions or excessive use of bad language.  We believe the movie is appropriate for adults and mature teens who need to learn to revere America and its war heroes because they suffered to help make our country great. 


Our only regret about the movie is that Angelina Jolie elected not to tell about Louie Zamperini’s salvation experience and the peace that brought to his life.   


At the end of the movie today, the audience spontaneously applauded.


To order “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand – — $9.83:


To read Zamperini’s life story told in his own words: Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In: Lessons from an Extraordinary – $10.99



Donna Garner

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