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Unjust secrecy on teacher names in Jeffco sickout

Jun 16, 2015 by


Few valid arguments have been made to deny the release of the names of teachers at Standley Lake High School in Jefferson County who called in sick last fall to protest school board policies.

A district court judge ruled against the teachers union, which is fighting to keep the names private.

The union’s arguments are unconvincing — that the information would reveal protected personnel information, that it would divulge medical information, or that teachers deserve “legitimate expectation of privacy.”

Yet, all that is being requested are teachers’ names. That information already had been released at another school in the district that staged its own walkout.

The teachers’ mass absenteeism was meant to attract attention and send a message. Now they want privacy and no scrutiny.


Source: Unjust secrecy on teacher names in Jeffco sickout – The Denver Post

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