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Vaccine propaganda isn’t working

Jun 10, 2015 by

Jonathan Benson –

Efforts by the vaccine mafia to manipulate more parents into vaccinating their children are failing, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics. The first randomized trial to evaluate how “better communication” between doctors and their patients affects vaccination rates has revealed that, despite what doctors say or do to try to persuade their clients into vaccinating, the same number of parents are still saying “no.”

It apparently came as a shock to both researchers and the mainstream media, which believed that teaching more doctors how to regurgitate the most convincing pro-vaccine talking points would somehow dramatically increase vaccination rates. As it turns out, parents who question or flat-out refuse vaccinations due to concerns about safety and effectiveness aren’t easily swayed by rhetoric and propaganda.

The study, which was funded in part by the militantly pro-vaccine Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, involved 347 mothers of healthy newborn babies. The mothers were randomly divided into two groups, one of which was assigned to receive care at a clinic where doctors had each undergone a special 45-minute training session on how to push more vaccines, and the other where doctors had not been fed pro-vaccine propaganda.

At the end of six months, no difference was observed between the two groups in terms of the number of hesitant or refusing mothers who changed their minds about vaccines. This was despite the fact that during the study period there was both a whooping cough outbreak in Washington state (which, as usual, was blamed on the unvaccinated) and changes in the law requiring parents to receive a doctor’s note before opting out of vaccines.

“None of the interventions increased parental intent to vaccinate a future child,” reports the study, noting that the results also indicate that some parents are actually less likely to vaccinate when presented with manipulative propaganda.

“Refuting claims of an MMR/autism link successfully reduced misperceptions that vaccines cause autism but nonetheless decreased intent to vaccinate among parents who had the least favorable vaccine attitudes. In addition, images of sick children increased expressed belief in a vaccine/autism link and a dramatic narrative about an infant in danger increased self-reported belief in serious vaccine side effects.”

Child jabbers plan to keep on trying until every parent is compliant with vaccine agenda

Though these important findings clearly show that parents with valid concerns about vaccines aren’t stupid, nor are they easily swayed by bombastic rhetoric, the researchers involved plan to continue trying. They apparently see this latest study as an indicator that the pro-vaccine mob is “headed in the right direction,” to quote a professor of government at Dartmouth College who believes that this is all just “part of real science.”

How he came to this illogical conclusion is anyone’s guess. If anything, this paper proves that, no matter how much lipstick you slather on a pig, it’s still a pig and everyone knows it. But when you’re maniacally obsessed with jabbing every child on the planet with deadly neurotoxins and live viruses to supposedly protect them against mostly benign conditions like measles or chicken pox, there’s no telling the level of mental derangement at play.

“These are not ‘idiots’… they are caring, intelligent, mostly highly educated, and skeptical parents, who rightly own the last word on their children’s well-being, and who are not so foolish… as to just blindly trust the medical profession,” wrote one NPR commenter about parents who question or refuse vaccines for their children.

“It would be easier to just be an ‘idiot’ and let others make the crucial decisions regarding what’s best for their children, but these conscientious parents are working hard to figure out what’s best for their children.”


Source: Vaccine propaganda isn’t working – Research finds parents still saying NO to jab-pushing doctors –

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