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Nov 8, 2017 by

“VICTORY:  Tex. State Bd. of Ed. Refuses To Adopt Tony Diaz’s Racist, Divisive, Militant Mexican-American Studies  Textbook”

By Donna Garner



A few minutes ago the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) voted by a huge majority NOT to adopt Tony Diaz’s racist, divisive, militant Mexican-American Studies (MAS) textbook for Texas public schools.


Many of the Board members were troubled over the fact that on 11.3.17 (right before the 11.7.17 SBOE meeting), Diaz submitted an additional 106 new pages (6 new essays) to his 283-page book called Mexican-American Studies Toolkit.  Most of the Board members had not had time to read through the 106 additional pages because they were busy getting ready over the weekend for this week’s four-day Board meeting.  


The 106 additional pages were also not made available to the public for their consideration either. If the Board had voted today to accept Diaz’s book, this would have meant that the 106 additional pages would have made it through to students’ desks without ever having gone through the vetting process.  


During the 36 years of my closely following SBOE textbook adoptions, I have seen the normal process of publishers’ correcting factual errors, making grammar/spelling edits, revising phraseology for clarity, etc.  However, the SBOE, the Texas Education Agency (TEA), nor I have ever witnessed a publisher attempt to add upwards of 35% new content (in this case, new essays) at the very last minute.  


Another point raised by a Board member is that based upon the MAS toolkit version Tony Diaz had submitted to the Board at its Sept. 2017 meeting, he only agreed to fix 5 out of the 60 concerns raised by the MAS review panel.  


One Board member presented concerns from school superintendents who have said that MAS as defined by Tony Diaz only includes people from Mexico.  Many Texas schools have over 30% of their Hispanic students who come from other countries outside of Mexico (a.k.a, Cuba, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc.). The term “MAS” is divisive in itself.


Another Board member said that Tony Diaz’s submission cannot be called a textbook because it is actually a loosely connected group of “touchy, feely” personal essays with very little chronological, historical, documented content about Mexican-American history. She suggested that if schools want to offer a MAS course, teachers should go online to the Houston MAS course.  This is an innovative course from which MAS teachers can utilize for free any of the numerous resources listed there.


Tony Diaz’s book is yet another example of those who want to indoctrinate America’s vulnerable students into the Common Core-aligned social justice agenda. Teaching students to hate other people groups, to center on their supposed “victimization” by fellow Americans, to become militants against perceived “White privilege,” to disrespect our forefathers and their courageous actions, and to judge all history based upon the narrow prism of today’s warped/cultural values is a sure recipe for anarchy.  


I wish to thank the majority of the Texas State Board of Education members who did the right thing today.  I also want to thank the many people who read Tony Diaz’s submission and made public its many flaws. Not only has the SBOE protected our Texas public school students; but also other people across the United States will be forewarned about Tony Diaz and his racist, divisive, militant agenda.   





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