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Workload, stress and pay blamed for exodus of teachers at Scottish schools

Jan 13, 2018 by

SCHOOLS have faced an exodus of their most experienced teachers over the past seven years at a time of unprecedented upheaval in the sector.

Analysis of statistics from the Scottish Government show there has been a 21 per cent reduction in the number of teachers aged 45 and over since 2010 – accounting for some 5000 members of school staff.

The decline has come at a time of major reform with the introduction of a new curriculum and qualifications which were widely seen as being introduced in a confusing and overly-bureaucratic way.

Teaching unions have repeatedly warned of the impact of excessive workload and resulting stress on staff following the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence with surveys highlighting the desire of staff to leave the profession.

There have also been concerns over the erosion of pay and a lack of promotion opportunities in schools following the phasing out of principal teachers.

Jim Thewliss, general secretary of School Leaders Scotland, which represents secondary headteachers, said the loss of experienced staff was a particular challenge at a time of significant change.

He said: “The loss of teachers over 55 would be expected as they are the ones reaching normal retirement age, but more concerning is the loss from the 45 to 54-year-old group as they represent a significant loss of teaching personnel as well as potential expertise well in advance of normal retirement.

Source: Workload, stress and pay blamed for exodus of teachers at Scottish schools | HeraldScotland

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